Top 5 creative ways to market products on Twitter

Twitter’s goal to promote its exclusive brand (products and services) is not just to post a 280-character character, with the hope that someone out there will click on the link. Nowadays, it is much easier to market your brand on Twitter directed to your exclusive products and services if you get lost among the crowds. Hundreds of millions of tweets are posted daily on this powerful social media platform.

Currently, the use of static and moving images created and sent in a different format, with other promotional campaigns, helps to increase the effectiveness of the marketing strategy for your products and services on Twitter. The tweets adapted to the products, services or promotional offers of your brands are impeccably satisfying, either with your personal Twitter account or with the commercial account created for your brand.

Without a doubt, Twitter can be considered a great advertising platform to generate traffic and market leads. The main reason companies have made use of this is that about 63% of Twitter handlers follow small businesses. This, if it can be used, can be combined with the company that is experiencing real growth through this platform. Part of what most brands do is creating tweet coupons, recommendations and unusual offers, all aimed at getting the necessary attention and market leadership from Twitter handlers. In addition to these adopted marketing strategies, what are other creative ideas that will easily show your brand to Twitter users and command mandatory leadership?

Here are five creative ideas that you use:

1. Upload a screenshot

Visual aids today seem like a norm for any social media platform, perhaps because of the saying that a picture is worth more than a million words on the internet. Since human beings pay more attention to images than listening and reading, this can be an excellent way to get the attention of Twitter handlers intelligently.

Using a screenshot, which is an ingenious way of displaying different ideas and perspectives, providing proof of claims and illustrating a concept with your 280-character tweet, is a matter for deliberation. While some claimed that they annoyed their followers by failing to follow them, others found these tweets more interactive, especially when accompanied by an attractive and educational screenshot. Personally, I tend to get involved with visual tweets than others. The opinion is that the user must know the smartest way to use it, to avoid abuse of use.

In synopsis, tweeting with screenshots proved to be one of countless ways to engage Twitter users. With that, you have more than 150% re-tweet, 90% favorites and 20% clicks.

2. Load an animated GIF instruction

For a few years, animated GIFs have been recognized as one of the main online marketing tools for establishing the character of a brand. Convey a short message, even evoking emojis, through social media works. Because of their short and attractive movements, which attract attention, nature, which makes them suitable for short attention spans and their adequate creative potential for brand images. In addition to the ease attributed in the generation of an instructional GIF, which can be easily distributed on all available social platforms.

As eye-catching and fun visual images, animated GIFs prove to be more, with a 170% increase in clicks and a 20% engagement rate. This will generate more attention to your tweets in order to get noticed quickly, faster and better, amid endless streams of Twitter content flow. This will be possible because handlers are attracted by the nature of the GIF loop, which stands out from the long list of tweets and attracts the user’s attention. This additional attention given to GIF is adequately influential in directing the click to the website, tweet or article for more press.

In addition, creating an animated instruction is good, as it gains some viral traction, where Twitter handlers can share and forward within their circles and followers. This is a great asset that can be reused easily through various social media platforms.

3. Upload an audiovisual

Currently, promotional videos are becoming prevalent on Twitter, aimed at the brand’s advertising purposes. The video can be created for instructional purposes, with the ability to deepen the brand’s services, above the word character limit.

Unfortunately, reusing your YouTube videos via Twitter is prohibited. You need to create the videos directly or upload videos up to 512 MB. This can include videos with mini-instructions, webinars and puzzles at conferences, comedy skits from your complete video collection available on your YouTube channel, etc.

Some criteria considered when uploading promotional audio-visual for the Twitter brand marketing includes:

  1. Duration: less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds
  2. Screen resolution: 32 x 32 min, 1200 x 1900 max
  3. Proportions: 1: 2.39 – 2.39: 1 (inclusive)
  4. Frame rate: 40 frames per second (maximum)
  5. Bit rate: 0 – 25 Mbps

It is really easy to create a video on Twitter, where you can record a new video from your smartphone directly on your Twitter account. Twitter will automatically adjust the video to your essential requirement. This can be achieved by opening the Twitter app, starting a new tweet and tap on the image icon, press the camera icon and switch your camera to video.

4. Create a moment on Twitter

Twitter Moments is a great approach to promote your events, where users are excited about what’s to come and provide them with all the information they need in one place. This will present some of your tweets in a moment, which will allow you to distribute crucial information of value to those who can participate in the next event.

A moment on Twitter is considered a great way to select series of tweets. If you regularly tweet visual tips and tricks, collecting them in a single moment on Twitter will be a way to draw more attention to your collection.

5. Create a visual testimonial

Testimonials are a type of review and material evidence that serves the same purpose of guiding potential customers and overcoming challenges. Nielsen said that substantial evidence is a psychological phenomenon in which people comply with other people’s behavior, believing that these actions reflect the correct answer. He also emphasized that 92% of people trust the opinion of colleagues, 80% public figures and 70% unknown people.

This is not only a visual marketing opportunity, but also a significant marketing opportunity. Offer prominent niche influencers a sample of your licensed product, and then follow up in just a few weeks for review. Then, repackage that feedback in visual tweets and tag the influencer.


Twitter has become a powerful social media platform. Small, medium and even large organizations involved their customers (past and potential) to achieve their marketing goals. Doing this in the conventional way may not be producing the necessary result; it now requires the need for a creative approach that is delivered on time and on budget. With these methodologies listed above, you ensure user engagement, which will generate the necessary market leadership.

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