Top 10 Passive Income Ideas For 2021

Passive income makes money while you are actively working on other endeavors or even while you sleep. While most will need quite a bit of upfront work to continue, watching the steady flow of passive income will be helpful. I have curated a list of passive income ideas to inspire you.

Here are some proven passive income ideas for 2021:

1. Invest in Crypto Currency

Investing and trading cryptocurrencies is very different from any other asset class in the world. The way they are bought and exchanged is not the same as other stocks, commodities, bonds or currencies. Understanding valuation methods, adoption curves, and technical movements in charts occupy unique skill sets not found in other markets. It takes time to study, but it’s worth it. Anyone who wants to invest time and effort to learn can learn about this emerging market.

2. Invest in rental properties

I strongly believe in rental property as a source of passive income. One of the advantages is leverage – investors can buy an asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with only part of it in cash. Over time, your tenants pay off their mortgage on you and you earn a monthly cash flow all the time.

Another advantage is that income increases with inflation, even when the mortgage remains fixed. New rental investors need two things: cash and knowledge through the landlord’s free resources. If new investors don’t learn anything else before buying their first rental property, they need to learn how to calculate rental cash flow.

3. Start a blog

Blogging opens up a number of opportunities to earn passive income. Whether you’re writing affiliate reviews, offering sponsored posts, or selling premium content, it’s important that your blog is maintained by a trusted web host that can handle high traffic without sacrificing the accessibility of your website. We recommend Bluehost for your professional needs. Bluehost is widely used by successful professional bloggers who generate significant income from their website. It also offers domain registration and business email address for only $2.95 per month. Check out for Bluehost hosting plans.

4. Write an e-book

Ebooks can be fast, which are just a few thousand words, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time to produce. Digital books help business owners save money on printing and shipping costs while still getting the company’s name and market experience. This exposure helps to increase brand awareness and strengthen the company’s reputation, while contributing to passive income.

Think about the problems that your customers already face on a regular basis, and then create a brief description of the information you want to include in the book. You can write it yourself or hire a writing service company to write the book. They will be able to help you go through the process of publishing the book for sale on sites like and

5. Get involved in real estate transactions

As a passive investor in real estate syndication, you can increase your savings to create a reliable monthly passive income while having a positive impact on the communities in which you invest. You can invest with professionals who will keep your investment and use it to improve the communities in which you invest. There is very little front-end learning curve when you first start investing in real estate syndicates to make sure you are confident in the process and understand the risks.

6. Create viral videos on YouTube

Making money from YouTube views is a good passive source of income if you have a niche that people crave. With free tools that are easily available online for video making, you just need to have the skill to make interesting (natural) videos. This combination will win you great prospects that are equal to the dollar.

All you have to do is sign up for a channel on YouTube and optimize it for keywords that need a niche that you’re aiming for. Create videos that focus on your niche – it can be for beauty products, video game reviews, fun videos for kids or pets, and so on. Make sure you sell it on social media and other channels to generate traffic. The goal is to earn subscribers who will become a constant source of viewers.

7. Become Affiliate Marketer

My favorite online idea for passive income is affiliate marketing. The best part is that you can make passive income with affiliate marketing with or without a blog. No blogging is done by registering with affiliate marketing companies and then making pins that connect directly to them using your link so you can pay. If you want to do this with a blog, you can write an article (also known as a post) and spread your affiliate links in it. Disclosure of partnerships is always mandatory in all circumstances.

8. Using the Amazon Execution System (FBA)

Using the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) system is a good way to earn passive income because it solves all your logistics problems for you. The most annoying and manual part of e-commerce is that you need to find a place to store your inventory, fulfill your orders through a third-party logistics service provider, and handle returns. It’s almost a logistical nightmare, especially if you’re a one-man team.

With the FBA system, you can automate these processes and focus on getting more sales. The best thing about the FBA is that you can have both your Shopify store and an Amazon sales list. The hardest part will be figuring out how to get sales and conversions. But once you realize that with an automatic execution process, you are on track to earn the passive income you desire.

9. Sell high quality photos to image agencies

Being able to turn your hobby into an income-generating activity is always a good idea for passive income. So, if your creativity revolves around photography, then you should consider submitting your work to stock image agencies like Shutterstock, where you can sell licenses to use your images. The submission process is easy, and as long as the photos meet their technical requirements, your photos will be available for purchase in no time.

10. Sell your designs to Etsy

Many people think of Etsy as a market for handmade goods, but there is actually a huge market for downloadable projects. You can sell posters, greeting cards or other goods that the buyer will print on their own or at home or on a local printer. Make sure you have great photography and offer excellent customer service to help build a customer base for your digital products.

Disclosure: The information you read here is always educative & objective. However, we sometimes receive compensation when you click on the links in our articles.

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