Professions and Jobs that can be done remotely

Professions and Jobs that can be done remotely from anywhere in the world

It has been noticed that in today’s time many people would like to work remotely doing something interesting and at the same time travel or just work from home. Some people simply do not want to waste time commuting to work every morning because, to work from home, it is enough to move from the bedroom to another room and you can even work in pajamas.

Where to start? How to make money from anywhere in the world? There are many methods for this, and they do not require a great investment – in fact, all you need is a computer, appropriate software and some marketing funds (unless you are able to handle many topics on your own, such as promotion in Social Media or creating a website).

Below is a list of different examples of professions or jobs that can be performed from anywhere in the world:

  1. Graphics Design – if you have any drawing skills or know Photoshop well, you can try doing graphic designs. For a good design of a website or advertising folder, you can get about $100 as a start.
  2. Programming – if you are a scientific mind, you can learn HTML, PHP, CSS or other languages and start creating websites or mobile applications. Programmers earn a lot – from several to tens of thousands per project.
  3. Creation of advertising texts (copywriting) – many companies cannot cope with writing slogans or content for a website or a leaflet. You will earn several hundred dollars for texts, and even several thousand for a good slogan!
  4. Text correction – that is, correcting typos and errors in sentences. Become a proofreader.
  5. Writing a blog – this has been a popular way of earning money lately, although not everyone is able to earn really decent money. You have to have a lot of self-denial to publish your posts on a regular basis and they must be of great value to the reader.
  6. Language translations – maybe it is worth checking in Latium. There are plenty of Jobs in translation category. And if not, it’s always worth announcing yourself somewhere like Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer – the demand for translators is huge.
  7. Coaching – there has been a flood of “everything advisers” lately, but if you really know something well, you can give advice on an hourly basis or create an online course. It can be anything: marketing, interior design, handicraft or diet advice. Hourly rates range from $50 to $300 or even more in the case of really good specialists.
  8. Set up a startup – if you have an idea how to solve a problem of society, you can start an internet startup. The possibilities are endless and you can open it for little money.
  9. Work remotely – if you like your job, you can only do it using a computer and you have a long time to commute to work, talk to your employer so that he can work remotely. You will be more productive because you will not waste so much time commuting + you will have great time flexibility. This will pay off with better results at work. What matters to the employer is that the deadlines are met, not whether you work in the morning or in the evening.
  10. Virtual assistant – this consists in the fact that you do for an entrepreneur (or simply overworked mum of three children) everything that they do not have time for, e.g. writing letters and e-mails, searching for information on the Internet, creating databases, searching for clients and subcontractors, arranging meetings, booking premises, planning a trip, etc.
  11. Online store – you can sell whatever you can think of – supplements, books, clothes, healthy food, and tires. Here, however, you need to prepare for investments in the vicinity of $50-1000. If you know how to promote yourself without spending a lot of money, you have an advantage.
  12. Ghost writer – is a person who writes books for others who cannot write them. And this means that the book will not be signed with your name, however, if you have nothing to do and you have a light pen, it is worth considering.
  13. Writing transcripts from podcasts and audio recordings – all you need is good hearing and can write quickly – you listen to the recordings, write it down in the form of a text document and send it back to the client
  14. Website tests – for running a website test you can earn about $10-15 for 20 minutes of your time. It consists in the fact that you view the uploaded websites and write down or speaks into the microphone your opinion about them – what you like, what you dislike, what is incomprehensible, etc. Such companies then sell user opinions to web companies so that they know what they should change your pages to increase sales.
  15. Running a YouTube channel with advice on any field – of course, to start earning money, you need a lot of viewership and preferably some own product or blog. As a last resort, wait for advertisers’ suggestions.
  16. Editing films – you can edit advertising films, music videos, recordings from weddings or YouTube videos.
  17. Remote tutor – are you good at Math, Physics, English or other subjects? You can safely conduct remote tutoring using Skype.
  18. Managing account on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc. – depending on the client, you can earn quite a lot of money for a few entries a day. Creativity and knowledge of Social Media required.
  19. Technical support – do you know computers, mobile devices or video game systems well? You can work as a technical advisor – independently or for a company.
  20. Merchant – you can be a sales representative for a specific company or acquire customers for different companies. If you know sales techniques and like to talk on the phone, then such people are worth their weight in gold.

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