Popular Ways To Make Money Through Your Website

It is not a myth that you can make money with your website. Many websites on the Internet are created for one reason only – to generate revenue. In most cases, this is not just a hobby.

Whether you’re trying to get rich or looking for funding to cover hosting/domain fees, here are some ways to make it easy:

Keep in mind that some of the strategies are more or less passive, while other techniques require very long work. Make sure you get something that exactly matches your website.

10 most popular ways to “cash” your website

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to make money through a website / blog. In short, you are selling (or recommending) products to someone on your website. When a visitor to this website clicks on your affiliate link and buys a product – you receive a commission.

Usually the commission is 30-70% of the product or the price of the service. So if you’re promoting an e-book that costs $ 100, you’ll get $ 50 for customer targeting (example only).

Where can I find products to promote?

Commission junction – reliable, timely payments

ShareASale – mainly clothes and accessories

ClickBank – high payments, but lack of GOOD products to be advertised

  • Pay via Click Advertising

Google has created a program called Google AdSense for publishers (bloggers, website owners) and advertisers (business owners, marketers, product owners).

This system is very simple. You enter a code on your website that will start displaying ads related to that website. For example, if your site is for pets (dogs and cats), Google Adsense will begin showing visitors ads for cat food, dog training, and more.

When someone clicks on the ad, you will receive money for that click. It’s usually $0.5 to about $5 per click, but when the site has enough traffic, you can make thousands of dollars a month. However, familiarize yourself with the terms of use.

How to apply for Google AdSense? Familiarize yourself with their terms of use beforehand. Google is very strict about the rules, so it’s hard to be approved.

  • Sell advertising space on a website

As the name implies, all you have to do is sell advertising space. You set a price for it, let’s say, “A sidebar banner will cost $xxx a month.” You will be paid in advance and the price will depend on the traffic on the site. If visited by many people, the price of the banner can rise to $5,000 per month. However, if your website doesn’t have as much traffic, don’t expect much.

Where can I tell other people that my website sells advertising space?

BuySellAds – the most popular place

AdvertiseSpace – A good alternative

BidVertiser – High Paying

  • Sell your own digital product (e-book)

Selling your own product is great because there is no commission agent and no one will take a “part” – here are just YOU and the CUSTOMER. You can sell directly through the website and get paid accordingly. But if that seems like an easy way to make money, no, it’s not.

It takes a long time to create a product that you can really sell through your website. So make sure it’s done well before you put it on the web page. In addition, a perfectly optimized page for a product is extremely important to increase the conversion rate.

  • Donations / Sponsorship

Including donation buttons or requests for additional funding from your readers is another way to cash in on your website. It’s easy to do, but keep in mind that it’s not that easy to make money that way. Unless you find a sponsor (s) who pays a lot! However, before you include donation buttons and things like that, make sure your visitors see why you need donations (fees, creating a new product, fees are research, and more).

For example, web.archive.org makes a lot of money from donations, but it probably has millions of visitors a month.

  • Accept sponsored publications and articles

When your site already receives multiple visits per month, you can offer sponsored posts and articles. There are many advertisers who are interested in writing such posts for your website.

Another option is to make money by looking at something. Here’s an example: You have a website for Apple products -> an Apple marketer sees your site and contacts you -> Offers you a free iPhone if you do an extensive review and post it on your site for followers to read. This is an exceptional case, but I’m sure you understand the idea…

The win-win situation? Yes. However, make sure that you do not accept anything that is completely inappropriate for your site/blog. If it is for cats and you post an opinion about an American Express credit card, then you may have a problem with the trust of visitors (private case).

  • Generate traffic for other companies

Generating traffic means helping other organizations or companies make money. Traffic may require something as simple as providing an email or phone number, but it still pays off.

Scenario: Let’s say you have a math learning website. You can easily attach links to various schools and universities that offer people to study math. When YOUR visitor provides their email or phone number to a university to apply – you will be paid.

It’s similar to affiliate marketing, but your visitor doesn’t need to buy anything. Brief contact information is more than enough. The people in charge of sales will take care of the rest.

Where can I find such suggestions?

  • MaxBounty
  • Neverblue
  • Peerfly
  • Make an “Email List”

Creating a “list” means that you store your visitors’ emails. 90% of websites that have some traffic use this technique – it works quite well. You will not get rich overnight, but it is certainly something long-term (and profitable). However, be sure to make friends with your followers first by offering them great information and/or help for FREE. Spamming with various email offers is never a good idea.

  • Enter an online store

You don’t always have to create a website for something. You can simply make a “tool” for your business – an online store.

Bricks and Mortar business is becoming more popular by the rise of the “Internet era”. If you are dedicated enough to do so, give it a try. However, be vigilant about the race. There are thousands of e-commerce websites on the Internet, but only some of them make a lot of money. Plan your strategy, keep the design up to date and use the latest marketing techniques.

  • Sell your website to someone else

I don’t usually advise people to do this, but moving / selling sites is becoming a very lucrative business model. If you are involved in short-term projects or rather in “quick money” – you can do it. But you need to know that your site needs to have a lot of traffic or generate money through various “profitable” methods.

The price of the site is usually based on revenue. If your website makes $500 a month by selling advertising space, you can sell the site for $5,000 – $10,000 (12x-22x monthly income).

Where can I sell my website?

Flippa – The most popular website market.

We Buy Websites – Another Market.

FEinternational – Mostly for high-end websites.

So far, you have learned the 10 most popular ways to make money through your website. But that’s not all you can do.

Here are 23 other ways to make money with your website. Keep in mind that some of them are slightly related to those mentioned above, but still not “unusually good”.

Another 23 ways to make money through your website

  • Sell ​​text-link ads – There is still little demand for such ads, but you should keep in mind that Google does not tolerate them so much
  • Add “infolinks” – It’s very easy to add them, but the downside is that they don’t return as well and the payouts per click are too small. However, it is a good alternative to AdSense.
  • Use “cashing” gadgets – Much like Google Adsense, it’s worth trying as an alternative.
  • Put RSS feed ads
  • Give away popular content for extra $$$ – If you create an exciting state of ecstasy, amazing and almost perfect content that helps your visitors – you can feel free to ask for money for it. I totally agree to pay for such content. However, for starters, your main goal should be to increase the number of readers and visitors; not to want money right away.
  • Create a private forum or preparatory class – If you are good at something, why not start advising others? This is a good way to earn recurring income from your students.
  • Create a work section – You can include a work section on your website. This way you can earn money by accepting different job offers from different companies/people.
  • Offer a consultation – Do you know something that others do not know? Offer counseling (GIGs) and get paid for your knowledge. You can offer a consultation via email, forum or Skype.
  • Add a “hire me” page to your website – If you enjoy working as a freelancer, you can achieve and exercise your potential through this website. Make sure you record all skills and previous jobs – this will improve your chances of being hired.
  • Sell or rent inside pages – This is not a very well-known way to make money, but if you find someone who is interested in renting your pages – do it!
  • Show pop-ups – Extremely annoying, but another easy way to make some money.
  • Use content locking widgets
  • Show audio ads – This is something new and is growing in popularity in 2015. I haven’t tried it in person, but I’ve read some articles about it and it definitely looks promising.
  • Sell ​​eBooks – Many people sell eBooks through their site. Some examples: If you have a recipe and cooking website, you can easily create and sell your own recipe book. The same goes for any other niche.
  • Create a conference around your site
  • Create a program through which they can learn
  • Create paid seminars
  • Create a paid membership for your website
  • Discount offers (with affiliate link) – People are constantly looking for discounts and promo codes. If you can offer a valid one, you are able to make good money.
  • Create surveys on your website
  • Write an article – If you are good at writing an article I see no reason why you should not start offering it. If you are really good you can earn about $20 – $30 per 500 word articles. Just let others know that you are offering this type of service.
  • Create a paid directory/business page)
  • Just copy what others do 🙂 

Disclosure: The information you read here is always educative & objective. However, we sometimes receive compensation when you click on the links in our articles. You can read the affiliate disclosure.

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