Most Easy Ways To Earn Extra Money

Today, between 20% and 30% of workers in Europe and the United States work in so-called “free income economies.” This allows them to work when, where they want and when they need to. Interestingly, many people of retirement age resort to part-time work to increase their retirement income.

By working side-by-side, you can save money for the next vacation, change your main job from 9 to 5, or increase your retirement savings. There are several ways to do this. Below is a list of easy part time money making ideas that you can use to start earning extra bucks.

Start a culinary business

After work during the day, living in the kitchen and preparing a hot lunch at home cannot find comfort in us. For many people, finding a home-cooked dinner idea and putting it into practice is a daunting task. One chef blog couple earns $5 a week for cooking 100 frozen dinners for a family that doesn’t have time to cook every night. If cooking is not your business, you can earn money by cooking for local events or parties in your area. Who doesn’t want a good cake with a strong glaze and dough proportions?

Sell old gift vouchers

Every year before the holidays, do you collect gift certificates from stores you have never heard of and do not go to? Instead of putting them in your wallet, monetize these certificates. There are 2 options: the first – sites that sell them who offer a certain amount. The second is to exchange them on sites that allow you to set the purchase price yourself. Raising the types of services they receive only 15% of the sales of cards for their services.

Website Design

E-commerce and online marketing have reached a point where any business cannot succeed without an attractive website. Nowadays, job seekers also use more personal sites instead of old resumes. The only problem is that not everyone knows how to do it professionally. People pay close attention to the person who knows how to create and tag the backend and code that allows the site to work without difficulty. You can make money and create websites for customers who use special services Square, GoDaddy and Wix.

Write on Twitter and write for money

Writing a paid message on Twitter is not just a job for Kim Kardashian and her friends (she still earns $200,000 on Instagram). If you have enough followers, you can post money about the products you like. For example, Towels and Likes have services, but they are only valid for accounts with several thousand subscribers.

Be a notary

A notary is a legal specialist authorized by the state to carry out legal activities. Notaries can certify the signing of documents, take an oath, swear an oath, or certify important documents related to real estate. After obtaining a state notary certificate, you can receive a certification fee. The cost of a certificate usually does not exceed $100.

Pedigree bees

Beekeepers who sell bees and honey earn significant additional income from local farmers’ markets and roadside stands. It takes time to learn how to raise and care for bees, but this part time job is ideal for the elderly in search of a useful hobby.

Drive your own car

If you ate the gasoline in your car, you can register for companies such Uber or Lyft and free time to work with them. Make extra money by parking near the airport or near the city’s famous bar. They make up to $25 an hour delivering food to consumers in your area. One of the peculiarities is that they hire pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Creation and sale of Internet courses

Some inefficient working hours are work that brings in passive income. By creating and selling courses online, you can spend a few hours creating them, and then sit down and see how the money will come to you when students sign up. Decide what kind of specialist you are and dance there. If you have worked as a financial advisor for 20 years, you can easily create a course on how to invest in stocks. The ideas of the author’s course can vary: from a yoga class to a salary for beginners and negotiations on cake decoration.

Train others on the online platform Udemy

If you do not have time to create your own online course, try to promote your pedagogical skills on the platform Udemy. This site allows you to monetize your unique skills and run your own courses.

Become an online dating consultant

Yes, yes, you are right, there is such a thing. In the world of online dating, there is fierce competition. In any service – Tinder, Coffee Bagel, Match, OkCupid – it is very difficult to distinguish from other users. Use your skills on social networks: help others to choose successful profile photos and make interesting posts about themselves.

Sell products Etsy

Turn your hobby into a profitable online business: open a platform store Etsy. Mr. Blue, the wife of a well-known blogger, makes money from the sale of Mr. Soap. He sold goods for $2 in just 10 months. In addition to soap, people use this platform to sell many other things – handmade jewelry, clothing and even furniture.

Answering online surveys

After a long day of work, the brain becomes very tired. For people with a stressful job, filling out an online survey for extra money may seem like help. You choose who and when to answer, and all this from a comfortable sofa. Yes, and this work, which does not require mental effort, can be done while watching TV. We recommend subscribing to several sites at once, where you can conduct a survey to get the most out of it. For example, InboxDollars, Swallows and PaidSurveys are the most popular options for this application.

Rent your house

If you live near a metropolis, in a resort area, or near a tourist route, you can rent a house in the mountains or an extra room at home for travelers from all over the world. Type apps Airbnb They are very popular and simplify the process of renting a property. It allows homeowners to set their own prices. Many homeowners rent their homes a few nights a month – this will help cover the cost of maintaining the house.

Create content for others

Content marketing is a great source of income for companies, so they are always looking for people who can use words beautifully. If you feel like an author of successful texts, sign up for a site and make a note for freelance authors and content creators, they will pay one fee for each publication. It’s easy to find customers who need to create content every day, but the cost of these services varies. Some charge $30 per message. Experienced freelancers charge $100 or more per post.

Be an educator

It’s good that you can teach something. Maybe you can solve complex mathematical problems in color or you know German well. Then offer your knowledge to people who need it for an hour – it’s a great extra income. Parents of children are always happy to find a piano teacher who can study with their child at a convenient time. Send a few announcements that you are ready to teach and let your students find you.

Sell stock photos

To do this, you will need to leave the house from time to time. However, freelance photographers make very good money by taking family portraits, agreements, or children. In addition, bloggers are constantly looking for a stock of beautiful photos for their posts, which they want to click on. If you are a talented photographer, you will like the sites and to help you start selling beautiful photos online. Remember that you can’t sell pictures from an iPhone – you have to buy a high quality digital camera.

Be a calligrapher

You’ve probably seen your friends write on Facebook where they show off their calligraphy skills. Calligraphic signature pens are very popular now and they allow users to create unique fonts for special occasions: wedding invitations, home decor and other ideas (they can be found here) Pinterest ) Anyone who needs a fun and creative hobby will learn this skill and start earning even better money. You will need a few special pens and lots of blank sheets. Learn calligraphy, you can earn “live” money from every wedding you sign.

Sell your trees

Believe it or not, but there are websites that pay for trees that you don’t need. This is certainly not an additional source of income (unless you decide to eliminate photosynthesis on the planet), but you can sell trees from your own yard. Suddenly you recently bought a plot of land where you want to build the house of your dreams. Why not sell this tree? The most valuable are deciduous trees: maple, birch and oak.

Sell things you don’t need

You may be surprised, but right now you have a lot of money in your house. The owner of all trades can regularly clean old furniture and sell it at a higher price. Handmade shops – such as Clothing Mentor or Plato’s Wardrobe – exchange your sweaters, pants, bags and jewelry that you no longer wear. Spend the spring cleaning at home and pay for unwanted items in cash through the sites Craigslist and eVau or local stores.

Be the owner of all trades

If you roll up your sleeves and are ready to work physically, you can make good money as a local craftsman doing work that no one else wants to do. If you live in a rented apartment, you can save it yourself and save hundreds of dollars from plumbers and other craftsmen. For example, you can watch video tutorials on YouTube to learn how to repair a dishwasher – and save $300. Further – more: you can help this and other residents of the house. You can advertise your services using the platform Tacl or Taskrabbit.

Editing college entrance essays

To enter most colleges, you need to write an essay, which will be attached to the package of documents. For many teenagers, writing about themselves is a big job. The competition for admission is very high, so parents are willing to pay for the work of a person who expresses a constructive opinion on the child’s essay. For this extra work, you need to be able to edit texts.

Buying and selling domain names

The domain name has been traded for decades. But now that online business and online entrepreneurship are evolving, the chances of making a profit from selling domain names with them are increasing. Buy domains and sell on sites like GoDaddy, Flippa. The more commonly used the concept for a domain, the more expensive it will be.

Be a brand ambassador

Big brands and startups always need brand ambassadors to support their marketing campaigns. These people get paid for advertising services. It is a very popular source of additional income among public university students, as well as “holiday warriors” who are ready to advertise services at local events. Some companies even offer a commission package for your sales.

Be a mysterious seller

Using similar sites Bestmark, you can get started as a mysterious salesperson. If you are ready to get off the couch for part-time work, go ahead. You will be charged for dinner at the store or restaurant. The most popular secret buyers have Metro. They check that the “sandwich masters” of this network follow the general rules of franchising. You go to a place where everyone goes often, you get money for it. Chance to win.

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