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Most blogging jobs pay bloggers using one of the five ways listed below. Remember that you always determine how much time it takes you to complete the work required for blogging, and then calculate the hourly rate that blogging actually pays according to the pay scale offered to you. Make sure you only accept blogs that offer you the salary and experience you want and need.

Per Post Pay

Many blogging jobs pay you a flat fee for each post you write and publish. Beware of blogging jobs that offer a postage fee with warnings that only “approved” posts will be published, or a similar restriction that could mean that your efforts could be unpaid.

Monthly flat fee

Some blogging jobs pay you a flat rate on a monthly basis. Typically, you have requirements to qualify for salaries, such as a predetermined number of posts that must be published on a monthly basis.

Per Post Pay or Monthly Flat Rate + Page View Bonus

Many blogging jobs and networks pay bloggers a flat fee in the mail or when monthly requirements are met, as well as a bonus based on the number of monthly pageviews on the blog. For example, a blogging job can offer you a bonus for every thousand page views or an increase in views compared to viewing the previous month’s pages.

Views only

This is a risky payment method that the blogger accepts because so much salary is not under Blogger’s control. Of course, bloggers can promote their posts through social bookmarking, social networking, comments, and so on, but a lot of blog traffic can be tied to blog layout, coding, advertising, and more that the blogger can’t control. Don’t get caught up in the wrong-heavenly claims of huge traffic and page views from a new blog or blogging network. For an established blog, you may want to explore the blog’s Technorati , Google, and Alexa pages to see if the traffic claims are accurate before accepting a blogging job that only pays for pageviews.

Revenue sharing

Blogging work that pays you solely on the basis of revenue sharing is usually not much for the blogger. While this is not always the case, it is more often true than false. At its simplest, under this payment agreement, Blogger receives a percentage of the advertising revenue generated by the blog. Typically, these advertising methods are the same as you can use on your personal blog. The hope is that your blog will be able to generate more pageviews faster than you can create on your own blog, so the pay would be better than if you simply earned your own blog. Sometimes revenue sharing is combined with another form of payment, but when it’s the only method of payment, be careful.

Annual salary

Although quite rare, some private and company-owned blogs are so popular that they need full-time writers to keep up with content requirements. Therefore, it is possible to find a blogging job that offers a full-time salary for all the benefits you have expected from a full-time job.

Where to find paid blogging

With more and more people recognizing the power of the internet in general and blogs / websites in particular, the daily drop in the number of websites is huge, many of which require writers.

Websites that offer blogging jobs are usually more than willing to pay for content, either on a per-basis or every so many days / weeks / months, just like a regular salary.

Tip: As with posting to any job, do your research and make sure the opportunity is legitimate before you blindly browse. If the job looks too good, it probably is.

Where To Find Jobs For Blogging

The following is a list of resources for finding paid blogging:

  • This blog is one of the best places to find paid blogging. You can search by keyword and location and even choose a contract job, freelancer and part-time job or full time.
  • In fact: searching for “Blogger” or something similar. Indeed, there is a list of results removed from different sites. You can even upload your return Indeed so that employers can find you.
  • This site provides daily updated links to blog projects found through manual searches all over the Internet.
  • Those who are looking for bloggers to pay to write for them can post jobs here for bloggers to find. also posts jobs from other websites such as Indeed.
  • Writers Weekly is a site designed to help writers. Blogging jobs listed on the Writers Weekly list includes paid and classified ads, as well as original market listings provided by each publisher’s editors.
  • Mediabistro has occasional blogs in the workplace.
  • Craigslist is not only a place to trade or sell physical goods but also to open up jobs, some of which could be blogs. Select a city (or a city) and search for jobs.
  • Like most online job search sites, compiles a message from the Internet and places them in one easy-to-use place. Read the job description on this website and then use the external links to find the original job posting so you can apply to become a blogger.
  • BloggingPro: Find more updated job search blogs specifically on You’ll find writing assignments that are just contract work or even internships, as well as freelance, full-time, part-time, and temporary jobs. In addition, there are categories so you can browse only blogging jobs, content writing jobs, copywriting jobs, magazine jobs, technical writing jobs, etc.
  • Work at home blogging jobs are also advertised on Sign up for alerts to receive email when new blogging jobs are available.
  • (AFW): Some blogging jobs here have a fee amount advertised as well. These are taken from Craigslist and BloggingPro, among others.

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