How to make money with Fiverr

There are many methods to make money online, for example: Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, SEO Services. These listed methods can give you a lot of money, but you need to make a small investment and be very patient. In this article, I will be showing you one of the quick and easy ways to earn money using your knowledge and skills.

That is, you may already be familiar with this site.

Fiverr® is a global market for buying and selling services for as little as $5, it is a market for services that cost $5. Essentially, you can sell and buy services for $5. Thus, anyone can create a Gig for small service on the spot, and visitors can purchase the services as well. The price for each service is set at five dollars.

If you are a teenager, a mother or simply want to earn money from home, then I think that Fiverr should be your priority. You will receive $4 for each successful service you complete, even though your Gigs are listed as $5, as Fiverr charges about 20% of $5 when each seller sells his item.

What are Gigs?

Gig is just a term that refers to the product/service listed by the seller. Each Gig on Fiverr costs 5 dollars.

Examples of some Gigs

– I will create an amazing website for you.

– I will create a caricature of your face.

– I am going to create an impressive banner for your ad.

How are you paid?

Once you create a Gig and list on Fiverr, anyone can buy the product/service from you. Once they buy your Gig, you will be notified immediately, so that you can perform the service. When you deliver the finished service to the buyer, the buyer will verify and approve the payment within 3 days of delivery, you will receive payment. If he forgets, you will be paid automatically within 3 days. Finally, in the payment part, as mentioned above, Fiverr takes 20% as a commission, you will be receiving an approximate amount of $4. You keep this amount in your account and, after 14 days of delivery, you can withdraw the money you made from selling your Gig to PayPal or Bank.

How to buy a Gig?

Search Fiverr for the product/service you need, and just ask. Currently, there are two methods of purchasing a Gig, by PayPal or credit card; you can choose your appropriate payment method. Once you have ordered the Gig, you will receive updates from the seller about expected delivery times and other details. You can track your order from your account. After getting the Gig delivered, if you are not satisfied with it, there is a 48 hour countdown, within the time; you can contact the seller to correct/edit the product. In addition, you can provide your experience with the seller as a positive/negative rating.

Making your Gig Popular | For Sellers

If your service is common, like logo creation, article writing, you have to be quite different from others to get buyers there. To do this, there are any methods, here they are:

– Ask your buyers to provide a positive rating

– Add your Portfolio or sample images from your previous work sold on Fiverr.

There is an option to add video, this is a good opportunity, and you can increase your sales by promoting your performance through the promotional video. Make the video creative, and mention all the details of your service, add some examples of your work in the video.

If you make more sales and you have a creative Gig, you can get the gig featured on the Fiverr homepage, and you can boost your sales.

Buy the best Gig | For Buyers

As mentioned above for sellers, there can be a large crowd of items for a single service. Explore each Gig; some sellers are trying to give buyers the best service. Choose Gig, which has more positive comments, images, support and a video that gives you all the details you need. When you enter the Fiverr home page, you can see the Gigs highlighted; those are the best of all time and always change it. Give the chance to buy the rest!

Now, you have mastered the basics to work at Fiverr. The choice is yours now if you want to buy or sell Gigs to make money with Fiverr.

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