How to Make Money Selling Domain Names

Making money selling domain names is a method of making money on the internet that many people don’t know about or use as a way to make money on the internet. Domain name is one of the most important part of any online business. It is basically the name that the public associates with you and your products and services. And that is why it is so important for online businesses to find the domain names that suit their business.

Today, a lot of domain names are already registered. But, there are still thousands of potential good domain names out there waiting to be discovered. You can take this opportunity and make money on the internet by finding such domains and combining them with potential online businesses that need a domain name.

The process of finding and registering domain names to sell later is quite straightforward. You simply do a search to find any available domain name that you think would be of value to online businesses.

Selling domains to make money is easy and affordable

One of the main advantages of making money selling domain names is the fact that it does not require a large amount of initial investment. Nowadays the value of a domain name is as low as $8-12 for 1 year, that is, it is an investment of $1 per month depending on the type of registered domain. Furthermore, it is just a matter of doing some research to find and register domains that can be sold at a profit. And that is why selling domain names is a way to make easy money on the internet.

Separating trash from treasure

The most important part of making money from domain names is that you are the one who determines whether a domain name is worth buying and reselling. You can just register any absurd domain that you think will make good money by selling them later. But, if you want to make money from domain names, you must have domains that appeal to others. But, how do you know if a domain name is junk or a real treasure? To do this, you must think like others.

The right way to making money selling domain names is doing your research and not just paying to register any domain names in the hope of selling it for a profit. You will not make money; in fact I am sure you will lose money on it. Instead, think of your potential buyers in different niches. Registering domains that are valuable, domains that make sense, domains that tell everyone about what the site is about, without them even having to visit the site in the first place.

Of course, there are exceptions too. We all know of successful sites with crazy domain names that have nothing to do with those on the site, like, or even They don’t say anything about what the site is all about, but these are exceptions, and that’s another matter. If you are new to domain selling, I suggest you stay away from these domains. It would be difficult to find buyers for these domain names. Yes, of course,, no one would pay a lot of money for that domain name, before the site became famous. Do you think you would like to buy that name for a type of website or business?

Different domains – different prices

We all know about the crazy prices that people pay for domain names. An example would be the domain, which was purchased for $10 million from a domain seller who originally paid probably $10 to register the domain name. There are many more examples like that. Of course, this does not mean that you will make that much money with each domain that you register and resell. But, the beauty of selling domain names is that you never know.

You may have a domain name that would be useless to you and most other people, but for someone else who sees a great opportunity to use that domain name to launch a great idea in a money making business, it could be worth a large amount of money. This is the day you’re lucky!

Where to buy and sell domains to make money on the internet

First, I recommend that you register your domains with Bluehost, Godaddy or Namecheap, then go to Google and search for: sell domain, buy domain, buy and sell domains, domain broker, where to sell domains, where to buy domains. You will certainly find several places where you can advertise your domains for sale, forums, classifieds sites, domain brokers, etc.

Domain selling business is like dipping trash as a business like actually going there and trying to find good domain names, which have expired or never been registered before. You look at the trash with a lot of items in it. Most of these items are just rubbish, but every now and then you come across something that is truly a treasure and worth a lot of money.

So, if you can separate trash from treasure, you can make money by selling domain names online.

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