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Either taken as a hobby or professionally, blogging has seen great strides in recent years, owing largely to the fact that online content sharing has significantly improved, so much so it has become a viable career choice. Blogs generally are websites or web pages that focus on written content. A blog, a shortened form of the term “weblog”, is referred to as an online journal that displays content or information in a reverse chronological order.

These contents are written conversationally to better connect with readers. As a promising blogger, the connection between your content and readers builds trust and familiarity and fosters regular visits which would subsequently bring in more ratings, and eventually, revenue.

In addition, constant, consistent and interesting blog posts attract traffic to your website. The more relevant and appealing these posts are to your online audience, the more frequently the targeted online community will visit. These and many more are benefits of blogging, and contrary to some popular beliefs, being a professional in the field or topic you’re blogging about isn’t required to be a successful blogger. Mostly a general knowledge on the subject matter is good enough, a general knowledge and passion for writing are the basic tools needed. For example to blog about race cars, you don’t have to be an expert formula one mechanic to be able to connect with your audience. Blogging requires a certain level of interest and consistency to thrive and attract readers.

Blogging is a great choice if you decide to earn an income from home. Its lucrative nature is enticing particularly for people with a passion for writing who want to be heard and want to convey the information about a topic their own way. With flexible hours and done from the comfort of your home, blogging creates an amazing career choice for people who have to work from the comfort of their homes. These categories of people can range from nursing mothers to people with physical injury that are immobilized at home.

Blogging is an amazing way of being heard in your own way and sharing daily experiences which could earn recognition in any field if done properly. A successful blog garners recognition in the field you operate, when you make a post and people comment in the comment section it gives you an opportunity to interact with your audience, learn from them and have them learn from you further.

As of April 2020, there were more than 4.57 billion active Internet users. This accounts for about 60% of the world’s population. The business of blogging thrives now more than ever. It is a great time to start a blog with the intention to be successful.

To create a successful blog takes time. Top bloggers in the world have built their blogs over many years at a time when the Internet “wasn’t so proliferated”. It took so long to get to the point it is today. Starting a blog today and becoming a successful blogger won’t necessarily be as difficult as it was many years ago. So, the best time to become a blogger is now. You may be asking, how do we start? Not to worry, I’ll show you.

Easy Step by Step Guide on how to start a Blog.

Here I will give you 6 easy Step by Step Guides on how to start blogging.

  1. Pick a Name and Niche.

The first thing you need to do is pick a blog name. You do this by picking a topic. The topic is the center focus for the things you will subsequently blog about. This includes;

  • Things you are passionate about.
  • Things you are particularly good at.
  • Your hobbies.
  • Life experiences; day to day experiences or knowledge about an experience. For example, a nursing mother could find joy in writing about being a stay at home mom and how to help other nursing moms go through the process.

Generally, a blog’s name is a reflection of its content and a successful blog requires a captivating name that intrigues and invites readers.

  • Create a domain extension. The domain extension for your blog is important for branding and for search engine optimization. The most common extension is .com. You can choose .com, .net or .org. Alternatively, you can purchase a domain name from its current owner. Don’t let the price scare you; it will be well worth the investment in the future.
  • Putting your blog online. This involves two major things; getting a blog host and a blogging software. They usually come together in a package deal. A blog host is very important. You cannot have a blog without a host. It’s like a man without a home or an address. A blog host is a company tasked with storing all your blog files and documents and delivering it to your user when they search your blog name. I recommend using as your hosting platform, and for themes use Thrive Themes for easy access. Blogging software is also important. The easiest platform and most common to use is WordPress blogging software. It is easily customizable.

Bluehost is highly recommended because of some amazing benefits it offers. They help with registration of blog names for free and also ensure it is exclusively for you. They also help with installation of WordPress blogging software. The platform also has a reliable customer service that is always available, and offers a 30 day refund, in case you are not satisfied with the service.

  • Customizing your blog design to suit your needs. After creating your domain name, login to your blog through if you’re not yet logged in and reset your password to whatever suits you. Everybody has a different design in mind for their blog and a general idea for presentation. If the themes already installed do not suit you, feel free to change the theme to other items you’ll prefer from Install the theme you want and activate it, go through all other settings and ensure they all suit you.
  • Write your blog post and publish it. At the left menu, click on “posts” and then the “add new” link, and then proceed to write the post. If you would like to insert a picture, click on the “add image” icon and then “upload”. When the post is finished, click on “publish” at the right side to publish the post. When you are ready to make your blog public to the world, click on “Launch”. This launches the blog and removes the coming soon sign.
  • Promote your blog and brand and start earning from it. Promoting your blog is very important. After writing a good blog post, to draw the attention of the online audience, good promotional materials and activities are needed especially in the first few months.

Final Words…

Blogging is very lucrative and a substantial source of income to many people, but it takes time to build a successful blog. I do hope that this free, easy step-by-step guide on how to start a blog has helped you understand all there is to know about blogging. Substantial income might not be made in a few months, but the more you gain online relevance and audience, the more profit you’re likely to attract.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate link which may provide a small commission to me at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. You can read my affiliate disclosure.

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