Five great video ideas for promoting small businesses

Everyone will agree that it is more effective to show than to say. Video is a great way to bring your business to life for telling its story to potential customers, and also for boosting your digital marketing efforts, improving your search engine and social media rankings, and promoting metrics like visits to your site and browsing time.

Customers also love videos. Research found that 96 percent of consumers believe that videos help them make online shopping decisions and that almost three-quarters of these are more likely to buy a product if they can watch a product. Online video that explains its use. Video is a particularly important part of the strategy, given that the average consumer views more than 40 hours of video online per month.

Creating engaging videos doesn’t require sophisticated production equipment or expensive resources; in fact, Yellow Pages offers professional, cost-effective video solutions that cover all aspects of production, from scriptwriting and staging, right through to voiceover and visual effects.

Whether you’re leaving the creation of your videos to the professionals or producing them yourself on an iPhone, here are some helpful ideas to get you started.

  • Tell your story

It often happens that a buying decision is based on many more factors than just the product or service offered. Don’t underestimate the power of making an emotional connection to your brand (and remember that no business is too small to not consider itself a brand). A video that tells the story of the company – who you are and what your purpose is – is a great way to make that connection and distinguish your offering from other similar products. You have to give your story a personality; consider sharing details like what inspired you to start a business or the defining meeting of a business partner.

  • Bring out your expertise

How-to tutorials and videos highlight the value offered by providing consumers with useful information; they allow you to position yourself or your employees as experts in the field. Responding to common problems is also a great way to capture the interest of people looking for solutions like the ones you suggest. To get started, think about the questions you are asked most frequently or the typical sensitive points in your industry that can easily be explained and resolved. Use long keywords, which are long phrases people are likely to use to find a solution to their problem, in the title and description of your video for better search results.

  • Let your customers speak

Testimonials from satisfied customers are an important way to cultivate credibility and trust. Short video testimonials are particularly effective in emphasizing the authenticity of the message and promoting your brand’s presentation strategy; instead of just reading about how to solve your customers’ problems, consumers will be able to hear and see the impact your business has on real people and imagine how you could help them in turn.

  • Show your products or services in action

While case studies are a great way to illustrate the difference your product or service makes to customers, there is nothing better than seeing it in action. Product and service demos allow you to show people in real time what you can do for them (and highlight valuable things like how easy your product is to install and use, or how fast it is).

  • Invite people backstage

Everyone loves secrets and inviting people behind the scenes of the production is a great way to apply this principle to increase brand affinity. Visits to manufacturing sites, interviews with staff members or sneak previews of new services or merchandise are good ways to make consumers feel privileged while giving them important information. About your business and how it stands out from the competition.

Personalized professional videos are easier than you think.

Videos help drive brand engagement and sales as well as provide important digital marketing data like number of site visits and browsing time. Thanks to Yellow Pages’ video production experts, it’s easier (and more profitable!) Than you might imagine to produce original, quality professional videos that are sure to breathe life into your brand.

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