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Make Money by Working at Home

More and more people are starting to look closer at the opportunity to work from home. On the one hand, it may be to have a small side income, something you can do at your leisure. Others find it nice to avoid the routine of going to a job every morning. Then it can also open up the opportunity to live anywhere in the world but still have a good job. Whichever category you fall into, you will find very interesting in the list below. Get inspired to start making money from home.

IT Consultant

Everyone has computers, but most people don’t know that much about them. You can do a lot from a separate computer and do not have to be there. Working from home is easy with remote access or advice.

Customer Service

Working from home as a customer service assistant is both easy and effective. You can sit anywhere in the country and answer the phone or email. It requires that you have a listening ear and an interest in the problems of others, and that you know the business and its various parts.

Web Developers

If you have plugged in codes and can create a well-functioning website, you can very well work and work from home with it. If you can build advanced systems from the ground up, you have more chances for a job. But even web developers using publishing tools can come a long way.

SEO Consultant

As an SEO consultant you can both give good advice on how to go about succeeding in search engines, but also be the one who makes it happen. You can have writers who also work from home. Help the client with SEO and make their site visible.

Digital Marketing

Today’s marketing must include a digital part, because virtually everything happens online. You can work from home and set up a working strategy for any company. Connect with SEO, social networks and everything else needed to succeed today.


People love photography and not everyone can bring your mobile phone. If you have some knowledge, you can take portrait pictures. An alternative is to take pictures when you are outdoors and then sell them online partly to specific customers, but also by posting them on sites with stock photos. You get a small sum every time someone downloads your pictures.


There are several ways to run e-commerce and work at home. You can either sell your own products or affiliate with other companies.

Editing and Proofreading

You have to know the language well to work with this, because often this is the last step before publishing. Misspellings and grammatical errors can do great harm. So when you work from home with this you have to be careful and keep an eye out for details.

Schedule Events

Planning events can require some work on site, but is a good way to work from home. All contacts with suppliers, catering and local can be handled from home.

Start your own YouTube Channel

Some Youtubers have many followers and make quite a lot of money. You can work at home and get paid for ads or to showcase certain products.


This is a broad profession that is very suitable for working from home. Depending on your level, you can program computer games, industrial machines or whatever the customer orders. There is a great demand for programmers all around the world.

Social Networking Strategy

All companies need a well-functioning strategy on the social media networks. This is where people meet and you have to be active to succeed in the business world. You can work from home and help different companies get started.

Market Research

Companies are interested in knowing what customers think about their products and services. That’s why they spend a lot of time and money interviewing them and doing market research. Some require you to be in place but many allow their employees to work from home.

Transcribe or print from video and audio files

A fairly common assignment for those who work from home. You listen to a recording and then write everything down in a document. Large conferences and other important meetings must always be transcribed.

Graphic or Web Design

Not quite the same as a web developer even though they are related. Here, more emphasis is placed on the look, and you need a strong sense of color and shape. Easy to work from home because you sit at your computer and work.

Test Websites

Both large and small sites are happy to pay someone to test how well their website works. As a regular person, you can work from home and give your impression of how things are going. If you have more education or experience, you can take the job to a higher level.

Currency Trading

Quick and sometimes stressful. But a chance to work at home and make big money. Get enough information before you get started and set up a practical plan for your currency trading.

Personal Assistant

There is a lot that can be done over the phone or online. A personal assistant who works from home can book appointments, make schedules and take care of all the practicalities.

Translation and Language Lessons

The world has shrunk and you can work at home today by giving lessons via the internet, as with Skype for example. Many companies are investing in the employees being able to speak the language before they are sent on a new assignment.


You can learn a lot and at the same time work at home, both academic subjects and any type of musical instrument. Secondly, the students can come to you. But it is also possible to teach different things via the internet. With a standard webcam and microphone, you can connect with anyone in the world.


With today’s cloud services and digital tools, accounting is easy when you want to get home. All invoices and receipts can be scanned or otherwise transferred to your computer, and you do the job in peace at home.


It may be difficult to have a catering company based on an ordinary kitchen, but this is not at all impossible. Limit yourself to smaller events and keep your menu simple. Many parties today have a theme, which goes back even in the food.


People need to cook or change their clothes, perfect for those who want to work from home. Others want a tailor made dress. You can also sew toys or accessories and then sell them online.

Day Mom

Day mom is a job that allows you to work from home. You can also have your own children at home, which can be a big savings.

Small Animal Care

Dogs and other small animals always need to be washed. Learn to cut claws and take care of the animals in general.


Many people make a great deal of renting out their home on Airbnb or similar sites. You can choose whether it should be just one room or part of the home. If you have little space in the basement, for example, so it may pay to put it in order.

Repair Bicycles and Machines

If you are a bit handy, there is a fairly large market to work from home. Spread the word through advertisements in the grocery store and online. At first it can be a bit heavy but once you have worked up a good reputation the assignments will come in.

Nurse Information

Some private healthcare companies use nurses to answer clients’ questions on the phone. Others need someone who knows the profession and takes care of administrative duties.

Meeting Booking Consultant

A job that involves being able to sell, but above all getting to meetings with potential clients. You have to have a sense of people and put the customer first. At the same time, it takes perseverance and skills, but clearly a good way to work from home.

Travel Agency

Many who do it specialize in a particular country or special kind of holidays. The better you are, the more customers you will get. You can organize group trips with a special focus and guides who speak English, for example.

Dog Guard

People work around the clock all the time and would like to have someone who looks after their dog. It can be a fun way to work and work from home and you have time to do something else too.


It has proven to be a great way to work from home, especially when it comes to family or marriage counseling. Clients feel relaxed and you do not need much space to receive them. But many people also enjoy getting advice and talking via video or chat.

Services At Home

You can open an office in your home, and let customers come to you. But what is even more common for those who work from home is to provide advice and services via email or telephone.

Telephone Vendor

You do not have to sit in an office to sell but can easily work from home. Since the salary is often based on commission, it may take a while before you have earned a good income.

Funeral Counselors

This can be a stressful job but quite easy to work from home. You give the relatives advice on what choices they have and how much everything costs, something you can do over the phone or via email. If you wish, you can combine it with personal meetings or attend funerals.


Some jobs require a permit, but nowadays it is quite easy to run your own business even without f-invoice. You can always bill through a finance company that charges a small fee for the service. This makes it so much easier to get started and work from home. Actually, it is only the imagination that sets the boundaries.

If you are good at something, you can often turn it into a job. Otherwise, maybe you can learn with time. Many have unwanted abilities that can make life easier, like being able to earn an income directly from home. It is also important to promote yourself in several ways. Build an online presence and spread information about the services you offer. It doesn’t take long at all before you start working and working from home.

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