BuilderAll: Why you should use it?

BuilderAll | what is it and is it really worth it?

BuilderAll offers people a complete set of tools and services for setting up sales funnels.

In my previous article “BuilderAll Offers Many Ways To Make Money Online & Offline” I talked about what exactly is BuilderAll!

In this article I am going to focus on the features that the new version 3.0 of the program brings. BuilderAll is a complete sales funnel maker with many features.

One of the highlights of BuilderAll is the Drag and Drop Site Builder. It runs HTML5 websites, memberships, blog site builders, and sales funnels, which will helps you reach your target audience.

BuilderAll is also convenient for your target audience as it gives them the opportunity to view the website from anywhere, including on their mobile device, website, or tablet.

Integrated applications, along with tool technology, have provided a way to create exceptional and professional websites. MailingBoss is a professional Email Marketing tool that operates in the creation and automation of all your customer’s contacts.

This offers you a way to control your leads using tags and triggers along with running auto-responder campaigns, allowing you to send an unlimited number of emails.

How much does BuilderAll cost?

Now when it comes to the pricing model, well, it’s pretty simple in terms of design, though I have to admit, I’m amazed at how much the essential level is in terms of features and accessibility.

However, I suppose we should expect that with a service that has not only multiple packages, but also numerous pricing models.

Okay, so, there are two tier packages that a customer can choose from, these two packages are Essential and Premium, let’s briefly look at the two.

Essential: The Essential Package is the cheaper of the two options, and costs customers thirty dollars a month. This package can give you access to all of the website and design tools we covered earlier, including the affiliate service. In addition, you can access transfer funnels and websites, connect fifteen different domains, unlimited bandwidth and visitors, integration of third-party applications, ticket support system, daily backups, prevention of DDOS attacks and loading system pages super fast.

Essentially, you get a lot with the Essential package, but not as much as you would if you were willing to become a Premium member.

Premium: Premium Package brings you everything Essential members get along with email marketing, webinars and streaming platform, Evergreen webinar with Ghost Audience, Magento eCommerce install, creator of iOS/Android apps, CRM, the creator of dictionaries, Facebook Messenger Chatbot and much more.

What I have listed barely covers half of the elements that Premium members have over essential members.

In any case, these are the two options people have if they are considering subscribing to BuilderAll.

I’m sure they both work perfectly fine for users, it’s amazing to see how much Premium members get; but I guess there must be some incentive for people to upgrade.

BuilderAll 3.0 Features

The new BuilderAll 3.0 comes with a ton of substantial updates compared to the previous version that are easy to notice from the moment you enter the platform.

For example, the interface provides a better and cleaner design, and the tools are better classified. Each instrument also comes with a tutorial on how you can use them for your business. You can compare the platform with a type of “application store”, which allows you to select the tools you want, followed by installing them, which will grant you access. When you install an application, you can find it in your “Back Office”, which is just another name for “installed applications”. It is unclear why you have to install an app before you can use it, as it is not common on most online platforms. However, it seems to keep everything optimized or organized. Once you have installed an application, you can start it by clicking the “Enter” button, which will then open in another tab. Each of the applications also comes with a “Tutorials” button, which will direct you to the relevant documentation for that application. Here is an overview of some of the most essential applications:

eCommerce Online Store Builder: Ecommerce Online Store Builder is a new application that provides a method to sell and list the physical products you want to include on your site. You can compare this with the WooCommerce or Shopify version of BuilderAll. Unlike the other apps in BuilderAll, this app resulted from a direct partnership with Magento, which is a long-standing, open source cart platform.

To explain this further, it is essentially the Magento platform now available in BuilderAll. When starting this application, you must configure your domain (for those who have it) and create your store. If you don’t have a domain, you can also use a BuilderAll subdomain for free. From here, Magento will create a store for you along with sample data when you have chosen this option. From the administration side, you can make as many changes as you like in the way your store operates and looks.

It is important to note that if you choose to use a BuilderAll subdomain, you are not using BuilderAll as of right now. Instead, it will use Magento and it will work in the same way as you might assume from a free manual installation of Magento. It is well known that Magento is one of the most widely used and respected e-commerce platforms. In fact, this adds to the inconsistencies of the BuilderAll app mix, however this partnership offers you a powerful ready-to-use trading solution with just a few clicks. This is where the real value lies.

Pixel Perfect Builder: Pixel Perfect Builder is part of a series of construction tools available on the BuilderAll platform. This tool is specially designed to build landing pages together with complete websites. In the previous version, the distinctions between each constructor were not entirely clear, because the applications did not come with their own descriptions.

Although this change may seem small, the crossings between the different constructors are an element that users had difficulty understanding. Within Pixel Perfect Builder, the template options remain the same before the 3.0 update, but there are a couple of new additions.

The overall template designs in the previous version were great, and in update 3.0, they look like exact duplicates, except for a few minor color and font changes. Like the previous version, you can preview or install the templates in the Editor section.

You don’t need to make any changes to this template, but you need to load it into the Editor to advance to the next stage. When it comes to the Editor, there are also a few small changes that have been made. The interface is brighter, but it was also simplified in the way to eliminate some options that used to appear in the top bar.

Editing and moving elements are the same, along with the ability to drag and drop elements to any position you prefer when you are on this page.

Some users still prefer the block based approach when it comes to page building as it is easier to position and manage the spacing of the elements, but this comes down to personal preference.

From the sidebar, you can access a wealth of functionalities to experiment with. This includes adding blogs to a site, adjusting SEO, applying payment processes, and adding a new design element or more to this page. The most important and most significant change in Pixel Perfect Builder is that it now includes a responsive editor.

In the latest version of BuilderAll, the platform came with a separate “Responsive Builder”, which meant that you had to create two versions of the page. The templates in the updated version are now optimized for mobile devices, offering you all the page creation features in a responsive way.

SiteBot: The BuilderAll SiteBot app provides a way to run a Facebook-like chatbox, which will increase your leads and maximize engagement on your website.

This is one of the new apps and it feels very different compared to others. It is more modern and cleaner, which is something from which the applications of the older applications could benefit. With this application, you can create new flows, which are message sequences, or you can view lists of the flows you have already created.

The process of adding a message to an existing sequence involves clicking on the relevant item in the sidebar. For example, if you click on the “Text Message” item, it will ask you to type a new message which will then be displayed in its sequence. From here, connect the messages to create a sequence.

Canvas Funnel Builder: Another new addition to BuilderAll is Canvas Funnel Builder, and this is something you won’t find on any other platform. This is a tool that provides a way to map your funnel with a whiteboard style approach.

From here, you click a button and BuilderAll will automatically create your funnel for you. Then you can edit your funnel in Pixel Perfect Builder. As you may already know, funnels consist of several pages, where visitors can choose different paths through the funnel.

The advantage of Canvas Funnel Builder is that it supports almost any type of funnel along with all kinds of complexities. This includes pre-made templates dedicated to eBooks, webinars, e-learning, product launches, and cheat cables.

These templates are displayed when you start with your new funnel. You have the option of not using these templates. For example, if you are in the process of designing your own unique funnel that is not yet available as one of the templates, you can work on it from scratch to get all your different pages and then connect them to the canvas.

You can also work from any of the existing templates. This could include removing or adding pages to your funnel, or making changes to how your routes work. Your canvas gives you a complete view when it comes to your funnel, along with capabilities to change page order, reconnect or disconnect sections that are present in the funnel, or add new parts. You can also choose a different theme for each page.

So if this is important to you then you will have to access each page individually to modify the layouts which can be annoying. If you can get over this setback, that’s when the magic begins to happen. As soon as you are satisfied with the design and everything works according to your requirements, your next step is to click on the “Create Website” button to create your funnel. From here, BuilderAll will create all your links and pages in the corresponding sections associated with the tool, which means you will miss the step of having to go through the process manually.

Many users will appreciate the general concept related to the application, and although the execution is not perfect, it will save a significant amount of time.

  • Video editor: The Video Editor in BuilderAll will allow content creators to produce high-quality animations, along with text, sound, and other tools of the trade. All while you can publish on any channel or site you want.
  • Photo studio: BuilderAll Photo Studio, as the Video Editor, will allow people like us to edit photos and images with an extensive list of effects. In addition, you can alter and manipulate the image itself, its background and practically do what you want with those images.
  • Design studio: BuilderAll Design Studio will allow you to design and edit stunning and beautiful images and videos not only for your website but also for your product and service.
  • BuilderAll Image Spinner: As you do so, why not create some attractive and encapsulated 3D images with BuilderAll’s Image Spinner?
  • Floating Videos: Lastly, we have a floating video option. Now speaking for myself, I would probably never use this option because I never found these types of additions funny or engaging.

However, if you want to have a video floating on a specific page on your website, you can design your video and install a pixel on it; allowing your video to show on it.

As you can see, you are not left out when it comes to design tools and functionality with your website. Whatever you would like to work on, I’m sure BuilderAll can accommodate you with the list of devices you have available.

In addition to that additional feature, there is more; you can implement various services for your clients, such as discounts, daily/weekly offers, coupons, a simple and direct payment process and much more.

Not to mention, you can also set up an affiliate program with BuilderAll if you’re part of your BuilderAll Affiliate Program through their BuilderAll Business Plan program, allowing you to earn even more money through the sales you make on your platform.

The affiliate program is also great as it offers you an incentive to develop your own affiliate team. True, there are some confusing functionalities in BuilderAll, but there are also many things you can do using this platform. It takes a little of your time to learn how everything works.

Investment To Set Up An Internet Business Without BuilderAll

Let’s say you already have a product or service ready that you want to sell online, the first thing would be to build a website designed to sell.

For this you need to create what is called in Digital Marketing (a sales funnel or a sales system).

To create a system or sales funnel you will have to acquire the following tools:

  • Hosting (US $10/month)
  • Auto-responder (From US$ 20/month to US $300/month)
  • Website builder (From $30 to $100/month)
  • Image design (US $10/month)
  • Video creator (US $30/month)
  • Training on digital marketing and online sales, to learn how to design and build effective sales funnel (US $100/month)
  • Courses to learn how to get traffic (US $50/month)

More BuilderAll Benefits

  1. Super Checkout: It is a new payment gateway owned by BuilderAll to make payments for any product or service you want to sell. It can be integrated with PayPal and Stripe.
  2. Cheetah Pixel Perfect Constructor With Responsive Technology: It is the website builder that BuilderAll has; now it is much more robust and optimized for design and better mobile experience.
  3. BuilderAll + Magneto e-commerce: Magneto will be integrated with BuilderAll to make available to all users a powerful solution for E-commerce or virtual stores. Magneto is an Adobe product so professional level stores can be created with all the required capabilities.
  4. Magazine Tool: With this new tool you can create your virtual magazine; it comes with dozens of templates available. It is another alternative in case you want to dedicate yourself to designing and selling virtual magazines to businesses.
  5. Canvas Funnel Creator: Marketing funnels are automatic systems to convert leads into customers and ultimately sales.

They are made up of several stages, capture pages, confirmation page, thank you page, sales letter, Upsell, Downsell, webinars, etc.

Now with this tool you just have to choose the funnel template you need depending on what you want to do, (capture leads, subscribe to webinars, launch a product, etc.) and everything is connected.

Just customize the pages and you’re ready to go.

If you are about to start your Internet business and you still do not have experience with digital marketing then this platform if or if it is what you need, will save you a lot of work and money !!.

Starting your business only requires one step and it is acquiring the platform and you will have everything ready to build your entire business, without complications or spending more money on other tools!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate link which may provide a small commission to me at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the link. BuilderAll is not responsible for the content or offers of this post. You can read the affiliate disclosure.

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