BuilderAll Offers Many Ways To Make Money Online & Offline

What is BuilderAll?

Erick Salgado is the creator of BuilderAll, which is an all-in-one digital marketing platform, which launched in 2017.

This platform contains all the tools you will need in one place, instead of having to buy every tool you would need to build your online business. BuilderAll is the most comprehensive and user-friendly online marketing and digital business platform that integrates all the tools you need to be successful online at low cost and high quality. It has more than 30 tools to make any online project a reality, all in one place. You will not have to pay more with services from external providers. BuilderAll is the perfect solution for small business owners who want to transform and adapt their businesses with easy-to-create, advanced sales funnels taking their projects to another level of results.

Who is BuilderAll for?

BuilderAll is the type of platform that caters to product creators, business owners, website services, and affiliate marketers. It is also the ideal choice for users looking to create websites that sell products or landing pages. BuilderAll is an all-inclusive platform for all online marketing requirements you can think of. Builderall helps ensure that you experience growth in your sales, reach more leads, and develop better relationships with existing and potential customers.

BuilderAll Platform Features

  • Save time and money with BuilderAll
  • Working with digital marketing requires high-cost tools from a variety of expensive vendors
  • On the one hand hosting, a capture page creator, an email marketing provider, SEO analysis tools, etc. to name a few
  • With BuilderAll you have everything in one place for much less investment and with professional quality

More Prospects and Clients For Your Multilevel Business

  • If you work in multilevel marketing, you already know how difficult it is to get qualified leads and duplicate your results. The need to implement an efficient prospecting system is critical to your success
  • With BuilderAll you can create a complete funnel to prospect and grow your network. You can also duplicate and share your funnel with your entire network so they can also use it 

Attract Potential Clients For Local Businesses

  • Implementing a lead capture funnel for a local business is now easy with BuilderAll
  • Create a capture page to collect the emails and phone numbers of local clients
  • Responsive Pixel Perfect Website Builder
  • It is now very easy to create amazing and incredibly fast web pages
  • With the Drag and Drop builder you can create all your pages, websites and funnels in a simple and fast way
  • Your sites will be incredibly fast increasing your conversions. Leave your competitors behind in every way
  • Choose from a Multitude of Marketing Funnel Designs
  • With the powerful Canvas Marketing Funnel Builder, you can choose from over 20 pre-engineered, high-conversion sales funnels
  • Just edit them and they will be ready in minutes. Just choose the target; Generate leads, Generate Sales, Generate an Event & much more
  • Then just set up the funnel flow and personalize your customer experience
  • Quickly configure your Follow-up Emails

Every marketing funnel needs a professional auto-responder to follow up on prospects. Now you no longer have to separately contract the auto-responder service and your webhost. The Funnel Builder Canvas allows you to create your mailing list, design the tracking sequence, and edit emails.

BuilderAll integrates its own email marketing tool with more than 300 dedicated servers to maintain full control of your emails and a high entry rate.

Keep Everything Under Control with Integrated CRM

  • A single click is enough to activate the embedded CRM on your website
  • The system will analyze each step of your funnel. Keep all the control and steps your customers take within the funnel
  • Now you can automate all the actions at the time your visitor is assigned tags when browsing your funnel.
  • Create and customize your leads’ score to track all their actions

Automate All Your Emails

  • Do you know the advantage of having all the tools integrated under the same platform?
  • Everything is automated and interconnected. By assigning scores to your customers you can accurately track their actions as they move through the funnel
  • You only configure automated actions based on your journey, and then send them specific messages related to your experience with the funnel. Your conversion rates are going to skyrocket for sure!

You could do many things with BuilderAll:

  • Having your own digital marketing agency from home
  • Monetize your passion by creating a profitable business
  • Create an online course and sell it online
  • Take advantage of BuilderAll to grow your MLM business
  • Earn money with affiliate marketing
  • Promote and publicize your local business on the Internet
  • Set up your online store and sell your products

You can use BuilderAll only for your business, but imagine being able to create countless systems that work automatically for you creating various sources of income.

Monetize Your Passion by Creating a Blog with BuilderAll Using WordPress

Creating a Blog is an excellent idea if what you want is to write and publish about your passions. Install with a few clicks WordPress inside your BuilderAll account and you will have the best blogging platform integrated with BuilderAll’s high speed server. Now you no longer have to spend more money hiring a separate hosting to host a WordPress, everything is integrated in BuilderAll.

Some of the tools and functions that BuilderAll offers you: 

  • Create unlimited websites and sub domains
  • Pixel perfect constructor
  • Unlimited and professional email marketing
  • Capacity for 15 domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth and visitors
  • Integrations with different platforms
  • SSL included
  • Premium local hosting
  • Super fast chat and ticket support system
  • Unlimited professional e-commerce 
  • Webinar platform
  • Auto-responder for Instagram
  • … And much more

Creation of Digital Marketing Agencies

Now let’s say you want to offer web design services and have your own marketing and web design agency, so with BuilderAll you can easily create really amazing and professional looking websites without having to be an expert in web design or programming.

What’s more, if you know how to use the power point you can already create professional sites.

BuilderAll Affiliate Program

With the BuilderAll affiliate program you have the possibility to earn commissions by recommending a product in one of the niches with the highest demand at a price without competition.

You can choose the plan that best suits your business, from the basics to have a solid online presence to building fully adapted sites to take advantage of the full potential of online marketing. 

With BuilderAll you don’t need to know anything technical, everything is designed so that creating a website, an online store or a simple landing page is a child’s play. Just focus on creating your perfect business, BuilderAll will take care of everything else.


I believe that this platform solves a problem that many entrepreneurs have when they hire external tool services such as a professional auto-responder, hosting service, install WordPress, install plugins, capture page creation service, landing page, sales letters among many other services. 

The savings of working with BuilderAll compared to having to pay for external tools represents a very valuable help because it integrates all the most used tools that every entrepreneur needs, which qualifies it as one of the preferred platforms of digital marketing, making it then the number one choice in its category.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate link which may provide a small commission to me at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through the link. BuilderAll is not responsible for the content or offers of this post. You can read the affiliate disclosure.

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