Blogging ideas for beginners

Before you start a blog, you need to decide what topic it should be. Blog marketing, business promotion, some blogs are for your favorite business, and others share personal stories and experiences on their blog. If you want to make a blog and make it so you can make money, but you can’t choose a topic, here are some ideas for inspiration.

Listing of articles

The articles on the list, like any form of content marketing, have their pros and cons: people like to read them, but many of them are monotonous and the ratings are duplicate.

For example, the top 10 of the best movies or books, selected on an incomprehensible principle, maybe someone will recognize. For example, it is not enough just to put together 15 American comedies in one text. You need to be able to intrigue the user: read these 100 books on psychology and give every meaningful comment, try all the services you offer for newsletters, do not lie to the reader. The blog is a job, not multiple clicks on Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

Approach the blog business with soul and mind.

Practical guides

Most people do not like to read instructions. How will people learn to do something?

You would be surprised if you knew what the general public wants and what interests it has. If you can find your niche and audience and satisfy his/her curiosity, then your blog will be popular.

Write different types of practical guides. Step-by-step guides for beginners are very popular, for example, the complete beginner’s guide when creating a site in WordPress.

If you are an expert in any field, you can share your experience and create more comprehensive guides for advanced users. For example, for those who are unfamiliar with site building tools, you can make a guide to choosing an “engine” for the site. Take a topic you are familiar with, bring it to life with a presentation and personal experience, write the guide in as much detail as possible, and get people to read it.


Politics is always a popular topic, especially in an election year, both local and state.

What is popular, however, does not simply mean: policy blogs are quite voluminous and time consuming. Of course, you can make a platform in which, without much understanding, “you will wave and threaten with a fist, scold the rich and pass on the words to the poor.” But for a good and competent political blog, this is not enough.

We are all involved in this hot topic to some extent, but it is important to develop, in addition to emotions, the ability to analyze, distinguish communism from anarchism, to understand a little bit of legislation and to quickly orient ourselves in information problems. However, be careful: even with maximum correctness and restraint, prepare for insults and spitting. They will be written in the comments.

Cooking blog

New diets are constantly appearing in everyday diets. For example, the United States recently set the best diet for 2020. We will not bother: the trend is Mediterranean-style food (little red meat, lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts). But that’s not the point.

The culinary theme in general is very popular. Due to their visibility, video blogs are especially popular. Often they are dedicated to certain topics: vegetarianism or, conversely, raw food with plenty of meat recipes. A good example of a culinary channel is Ramsey Gordon’s video blog.

Remember, when it comes to food, pay special attention to the visual. Offer high quality food photography. The problems of many culinary blogs are incomprehensible due to bad photos taken by a Smartphone. The food should look appetizing so that you want to eat it directly from the screen.

It is important not only has a detailed description of the recipe, but also a beautiful pictured of the finished dish.


Attracting certain people – clients, professionals, experts, and managers – is a great way to add personality and credibility to your blog. Periodic use of personal information such as photos, interviews and quotes helps to establish a more personal connection with the audience. The best way to stand out from other bloggers is to post interviews taken by industry experts, as well as people from your team and representatives of other companies.

Interviews in the 21st century may not be live and with a Dictaphone. Many journalists are scheduled for meetings on Skype. And you can always limit yourself to correspondence, although, of course, it will not give the intonation and you will also not be able to take selfies with the interviewees.

Charity and social activity

When you talk out loud about important things with the right words and eloquent language, it will really attract people. As a small bonus: someone will take your idea and continue it. And one more thing: not everyone can express their position aloud, but most are able to support and like you. And with the support of a large audience of people, your projects will move much better.


If you want to make money from your blog as quickly as possible, then such a topic – reviews will suit you. With affiliate programs like Amazon affiliates, you can generate revenue from your blog only with product reviews. Post your feedback only on resources that your audience trusts. For example, a leading blogger reviews LEGO designers and uploads them to YouTube.

TV shows

Watching TV shows has long ceased to be entertainment for the hosts. Now the series is not only filmed at a completely different quality level, but also gathers many fans around it. For example, can you argue for hours whether the Witch is good or not, which is better – the young Katrina or the old and to what extent it touches us? Here is what you can write in your blog.


A great way to get the audience’s attention is news from credible sources. News was popular even before the era of the Internet, when there were paper newspapers and they are still appreciated by news lovers. But you have to remember that the competition in the field of news is very high, so you have to properly select and send news, providing them with comments. News blogs on the Internet are most often presented by entire portals.

Personal experience

For example, did we move to another country, start breeding horses or did we decide to lose 30 kilograms? Share your experience on the blog. Such a blog is interesting for readers because the events in it happen almost in real time. The author in this case is a specific person who makes mistakes and makes progress and tells his audience about it.


A healthy lifestyle has now become a real trend. Sports, proper nutrition, disease prevention are popular topics.

Healthy living is a topic not far from medicine and here you should be well acquainted and follow the current research in this area.

Take a picture to inspire others with your beautiful body. Sport is a good thing. But still talk about injuries and the right technique, otherwise you will hurt someone.

Revealing myths

Each area has its own facts and fabrications, which is why “Destroyers of Legends” is so popular.

To break the stereotypes and legends that hinder life, to deceive. Of course, there are always battles with titans and public resonance around this, but you can contribute to the development of critical thinking among subscribers.

Tips and tricks

People want to do more in less time, so they are always looking for tools, techniques or tips to help them do so. Practical tricks are the reason for the popularity of many blogs.


It doesn’t matter how much the Internet unites us – travel will always be a popular topic in Internet search. People travel a lot. And if you can advise how much cheaper it is to visit interesting and exotic places, readers will appreciate it.


Beauty blogs are becoming more and more popular. These include product reviews, makeup lessons and personal care tips. Brands love to promote their products by sending them to popular bloggers for review and even involving them in the creation of limited collections.

Funny stories

Humor is always popular. Funny posts are most often shared on social networks. Comics – what is our life without them? So arm yourself with a sense of humor and joke like for the last time. And let the world be brighter than the smiles of your audience.

Tips for parents

Parents will always be interested in tips written especially for them. And now informed, courageous parenting is evolving more and more – not only information about motherhood, but also connected fatherhood, non-violent upbringing, attachment theory and a sensible approach to children’s health.

Upcoming events

The news of an upcoming significant event always provokes increased interest and a lot of discussions in the blog. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Olympics that the whole world will follow or a local concert – the search engines will be full of requests for the upcoming events.

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