Affiliate Program: What is it, How to Bill + Advantages

An Affiliate Program is a system that works through a double process, involving producers and sellers (affiliates). To work, the Affiliate Program needs an online platform where a range of products is made available for sale and affiliation.

Did you know that there is a way to work on the internet without leaving home and with unlimited earnings?

No, it’s not a dream or a prank.

I’m talking about working with Affiliate Programs.

With it you can generate extra income or open your business and be your own boss.

But beware! Offering unlimited earning opportunities does not mean earning easy money, without having to work.

So, if you want to succeed in the affiliate program, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself from competitors.

That is why brands are increasingly looking for new ways and channels to engage their target audience by offering products, services and content that is easy to consume.

And, for those who want to set up a business with these new ways to win over consumers, this is the time.

Affiliate programs emerged from the moment that new technologies were emerging and bringing with them new consumption needs and the relationship between brands and consumers.

With the boom of affiliate programs on the market, many people saw the opportunity to work with what they like, in exchange for very good commissions, without the need to make large investments and without leaving home.

With the affiliate program, the person who wants to undertake does not need to create any product or have their own website, if they do not want to.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program is a system that works through a double process, involving producers and sellers (affiliates).

To work, the Affiliate Program needs an online platform where a range of products is made available for sale and affiliation.

This platform generates an exclusive link for the affiliate to disclose in their communication channels with the public they want to reach.

It is on the platform that commissions are also paid to affiliates, for sales made through their exclusive link and several features are also offered to assist the producer and the affiliate in the sales process.

Working as an affiliate is a great opportunity to work over the internet, without leaving home and achieving unlimited earnings.

Affiliate Programs Success

Many people wonder what the secret to the success of affiliate programs is.

The big secret is in the way the system works, generating profit for both sides of the coin, that is, the producer wins and the affiliate wins.

It is this win-win system that attracts so many entrepreneurs and generates all the success of affiliate programs.

Main Characters of an Affiliate Program

The main characters of an affiliate program are 2:

  • Producer: The producer is the person who creates a product to sell and also makes it available on affiliate platforms to increase revenue. The producer offers a good percentage of the product’s value as a commission for the sale that the affiliate makes. Affiliate platforms guarantee the security of the entire process. The product can be an online course, an e-book, software, a podcast and many other types of products, from the most diverse market niches, such as digital marketing, gastronomy, finance, fashion, baby items. Digital products meet the needs of the current consumer, who seeks a low price, speed and ease in the purchase process and also in the easy consumption of the product purchased. An affiliate program that really works needs to be linked to a reliable platform and that performs all the management. You’ll see the main affiliate programs later in this article, and you’ll be able to check out the best and most reliable ones for you to work from home.
  • Digital Affiliate: As I already mentioned, the growth of the internet has made possible the emergence of a new type of product, which is the digital product. And with him also came the figure of the digital affiliate. The digital affiliate concentrates all his actions as an affiliate on the internet, using social networks, blogs, videos and all online channels where he can reach his target audience. The affiliate is a seller, that is, the person who joins a product created by the producer, works promoting that product and receives a commission for each sale made through his affiliate link. The affiliate has the mission to transmit credibility in relation to the product, in order to win the trust of the customer.

How does an Affiliate Program work?

It is important that you keep in mind that it is possible to develop a true affiliate business.

And this is undoubtedly the best way to be a successful affiliate.

I have been working on affiliate training for many years and have seen many of them succeed while others have failed.

A common brand of those who are successful is the seriousness with which they work as affiliates.

Some people have the image that those who work on the internet can work a few hours a day and spend the rest of the day at the pool or on the beach.

Not that this is not impossible, but it would only be a reality after years of dedicated work.

Just like any other business, in the affiliate program only those who work with dedication and discipline earn money.

For a better understanding of how the Affiliate Program works, we can divide the affiliate program into two broad blocks:

  1. Digital Products Affiliates;
  2. Physical Product Affiliates

But there is also a third block that can be framed within affiliate marketing , which is the commissioning for clicks received on advertisements posted on blogs, websites and on YouTube.

  1. Digital Products Affiliate: These are people who promote products that feature their entire sales process (from creation to consumption) 100% online. And this type of product also has several affiliate programs. The owners of the digital products that are sold through these affiliate programs are called producers. As I said, they are products that are 100% digital, there is nothing physical sent to the customer. Some producers send physical products, such as bonuses or support material, but it is not a rule, it is just to differentiate yourself in the market. The affiliate that works with this modality is a digital affiliate, and focuses its actions on digital products. Some of the main digital products are e-books, online courses and software.
  2. Physical Product Affiliates: Large companies offer this type of affiliation to sell their products. Companies like Americanas, Submarino, Magazine Luiza and many others, offer this type of affiliate program. After registering on the platform, you will receive affiliate links so you can advertise the products. If someone buys the product through your link, you receive the commission.

Affiliate Program – Click Commissioning

This type of affiliate program works very simply. You register on the affiliate platform, and each one of them provides codes for you to place on your website or blog. This modality, although simple, requires that you have a website or blog and place the ads on it. So, every time someone clicks on the ad you get paid the commission.

Are Affiliate Programs Reliable and Really Work?

The answer is yes; affiliate programs are reliable and really work.

Of course, as in all areas, there may be unscrupulous people who use their creativity to deceive others.

But don’t worry, in this article you will get to know reliable platforms to register with ease.

It is completely possible to make money on the internet by working with one of the affiliate programs that I present here.

In fact, many entrepreneurs around the world already live exclusively on this business.

Other people prefer to have the affiliate program as extra income and continue working outside, with a formal job.

The important thing is to be aware that to be successful with the affiliate program, you need to have focus, discipline and dedication , which, by the way, is good for any type of enterprise.

Being part of an affiliate program has several advantages for you, and this is what you will see below.

10 Advantages of Being Part of an Affiliate Program

You have already realized that what is not lacking in the affiliate program is an advantage.

The biggest of them all, without a doubt, is the opportunity to earn money without having to invest a lot of money and without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Your success as an entrepreneur in an affiliate program will depend only on your effort and dedication .

The following is a list of 10 benefits of being part of an affiliate program.

Advantage 1: No need to create a product

To start making money on the internet, as an affiliate, it is not necessary to create any product.

In the platforms specialized in affiliate programs you will find countless products created by other people, where you can join and receive commissions for each sale made.

That is, you will be able to generate income without worrying about buying and delivering anything, as this is up to the producer and the affiliate platform.

You just need to focus on your affiliate link dissemination strategies.

Advantage 2: Being your own boss

Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest dreams of many people, especially those who work away from home and cannot enjoy quality time with their family.

With an affiliate program you will start an enterprise and therefore you will be your own boss, you will make your own decisions, you will make your own hours and you will have much more freedom than in a formal job.

Advantage 3: You don’t need to invest money to start

For you to start working in an affiliate program, you do not need to invest money, as the registration on the platforms is completely free, as is the affiliation of the products.

Many people have the dream of entrepreneurship and use all the money they have to build their business, but, many times, they end up having losses, because the business doesn’t always work.

This does not happen with the affiliate program, as you do not need to invest money to be able to enter this business.

Advantage 4: Easy to disclose

Digital affiliate programs open up a range of possibilities for you to advertise your product as an affiliate.

You will be able to choose the most appropriate form of disclosure for your target audience, to have more efficient results.

You can also choose to work with paid ads to increase your reach using the platforms:

  • Facebook Ads;
  • Google Ads

Advantage 5: You don’t need to have a website or be an expert

To start working on an affiliate platform, you don’t need to have a website or be a programming expert or something.

You can promote your affiliate link on your social networks or through email marketing, for example.

But, I always advise you to create a blog to build your business.

A blog is your platform and you can publish whatever you want, without running the risk of being blocked or banned and losing all your work.

However, to start, you don’t need to create a blog, website or technical knowledge about computers.

Advantage 6: No need to support

The affiliate does not need to offer any kind of customer support.

Your only role will be to attract customers to promote the product.

The sales and payment process is carried out by the affiliate platform.

And the post-sale process is done by the producer, with questions and complaints, for example.

Advantage 7: Possibility to choose the commission

Each product has a commission percentage defined by the producer.

This value varies and can reach 80% of the total value of the product.

The affiliate will be able to evaluate product sales statistics to identify which product offers the highest profit margin for him.

Advantage 8: Payment is guaranteed

This is one of the biggest advantages of being part of an affiliate program, as all payments are made through the platform that manages the affiliate program.

It works like this: all commissions for each sale are computed automatically, which guarantees the payment of the affiliate.

Advantage 9: Ability to track your performance

When you sign up for an affiliate program, you can track your performance through the platform.

The platform shows you how many sales were made through your affiliate link.

With this, you can know if your strategy is working or if you need to make changes to improve your performance.

Advantage 10: Possibility of growth

Being part of an affiliate program gives you the possibility to expand your business.

As I mentioned, you don’t need to invest money to start as an affiliate.

You can start promoting your product on social media.

After sales increase, with work and discipline, you can invest in a blog to build your audience, use paid ads and use all possible resources to make your business take off.

Types of Remuneration for Affiliate Programs

The type of remuneration will depend on the platform with which you are going to work, as each of them has its own remuneration policy.

I will explain to you.

Some affiliate platforms pay commissions according to the actions the affiliate is taking.

There are already others who pay commissions on fixed dates.

Before choosing an affiliate platform to register, it is important to know the type of remuneration it offers.

And, to help you in this task, I will explain a little about each type of remuneration. Check it out below.

Types of remuneration for Affiliate Programs

  • Cost Per Click (CPC): This type of remuneration works for a specific action, which is the click. That is, when a user clicks on the link you are promoting, you already receive a commission for the click.
  • Cost Per Action (CPA): In this type of remuneration you receive a commission for each action that the user takes from the link you are promoting. Paid actions are determined by the producer, so you need to know what they are, before posting your link. The most common action in this type of remuneration is the sale, but you also receive a commission, for example, for each registration made, for accessing a specific page and filling out a form.
  • Cost Per View (CPV): Here the affiliate receives a fixed commission or percentage of the total value of the product each time the page is viewed. That is, the user simply clicks on its link and views the page, and the platform counts another view for you to receive in cash.
  • Cost Per Sale (CPS): This is also the type of remuneration in which the affiliate receives a fixed or percentage commission. But, it is important to know that the amounts to be paid to the affiliate are determined by each platform.

Top 4 Tips for Choosing Affiliate Products

You can be affiliated with various types of products and services.

Some are more profitable, but most of your revenue will be generated by one or two products that sell well and offer a good commission.

As you grow as an affiliate, you can add other complementary products to continue helping your audience and complete your offerings.

It is highly recommended that you start by being an affiliate of digital products, as they have the greatest earning potential.

Digital products pay higher commissions than physical products, as production and distribution costs are much lower.

Once your business is generating more stable revenue, you can start offering other products in the same niche, benefiting both your audience and you.

Here are 4 tips for choosing affiliate products. Check out!

Tip 1: Download

Unlike physical products, with a downloadable product, the reader does not have to wait for a package to be sent by post.

He can instantly access the purchased material, after payment confirmation.


  • Audio file
  • Video file
  • PDF
  • E-book
  • Link to access online content.


  • Downloads are easy to access and help your audience right away
  • They have no production, storage or shipping costs
  • The person who buys can access and enjoy the product immediately


  • The value of most downloadable products is very low, so you need to make a lot of sales to make a significant profit.

Tip 2: Online and platform services

When it comes to being an affiliate, it is best to give preference to services that are accessible to anyone, wherever they are.

With that in mind, choose a service that you’ve worked with or been a customer of and that you have complete confidence in.


  • Design
  • Virtual assistant
  • Website hosting
  • Anti-spam
  • E-mail marketing
  • Plugins
  • Lead generation
  • Backup


  • It is easy to be affiliated with these services, as your customers need tasks that require specific knowledge, that is, they need to hire a professional
  • Generally, these services are offered at a higher price, giving you greater earning potential
  • Many services offer a recurring commission, meaning you will be paid as long as customers continue to use the service


  • Perhaps some of the services you already know and have more experience do not allow affiliation.

Tip 3: Online courses

The market for digital courses is huge and they are very important, especially for entrepreneurs and, therefore, deserves a special highlight in this list.

There are online courses in any niche.

In addition, prices range from free to very high, with promises of great results for those who buy.


  • It is one of the best ways to help your audience solve a problem or achieve an important goal
  • You offer great value with little effort
  • They generally have a higher value than other products, increasing their earning potential
  • Because it is very popular, it is easy to find influencers in your niche who have courses for you to join.


  • To keep your reputation safe, you’ll need to spend a lot of time analyzing the courses in detail to see if they deliver what they promise.

Tip 4: Physical products

If you prefer to be an affiliate of physical products, choose products of good quality and that is something different, that attracts your audience.

Don’t choose products that your audience can find anywhere.


  • You can buy products to test and review on your channel and your blog, so you will be seen by companies, who will start sending you products, free of charge
  • After you become an authority in your niche, companies will start looking for you, offering free products for you to review


  • Generally, the commission on physical products is very low, due to the costs of production, storage, delivery, support, etc.
  • Buying products on your own to review can be very expensive

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