Affiliate Marketing: Find the Perfect Niche

Do you have an online business and need to increase your sales? Have you heard of affiliate marketing and don’t know what it’s all about? What are the modalities to carry it out? I will provide you with a detailed analysis about it. Thus, finding new clients for your project will be an easier task.

Affiliate Marketing: What Is It About?

Affiliate marketing is a monetization tool, which can be defined as a category of online marketing, based on obtaining results. Indeed, certain affiliated digital companies are in charge of advertising a particular good or service.

These affiliates have the advantage of receiving a monetary commission, based on the clicks made by the users, as well as the respective purchases or web registrations.

In this way, if you are looking for advertising for your e-commerce, you will not have to pay the affiliated company a stipulated price per campaign. On the contrary, you will only pay for the online communicational feedback that the advertising has had with users, through the aforementioned modalities.

Different kinds of affiliate marketing

There are many ways to do affiliate marketing. Beyond their differences, in all of them, they always intervene: a company considered as an affiliate, an advertising company and a platform, where the advertising in question will be placed.

So that you know a little more about this topic, in this section of article, I will list and describe some of the types of affiliate marketing that exist today.


You can hire the services of a web page that is related to the products you sell. It’s a useful way to redirect potential customers to your online business.

PPC affiliates working on search engines

There are different affiliates that can give you qualified traffic to your website. This will be possible by acquiring keywords or key phrases in search engines like Google, for example. The payment will be for each click that users make.

Affiliate networks

Another alternative for affiliate marketing for your business is through affiliate networks on the Web. Among them, ClickBank, DigiStore, CJ, ShareASale & KickBooster stands out.

Their role is to be channels between affiliates and companies that want to advertise. There, you can find affiliates of all economic areas, which include the marketing of all kinds of goods and / or services.

E-mail marketing

Sometimes, databases of users who make up a certain target audience and who are interested in purchasing a particular product or service are usually sold. You can acquire them depending on the commercial sector that you integrate, to thus broaden your customer perspective.

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