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What is passive income?

Passive income is the same as income obtained without active work. It is based on the fact that you spend time and work once to build up an income and that it then continues to make money for you without having to work more on it. Much of what we humans do today can be done more efficiently and you can also make extra money.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can develop your own ways to obtain smart passive income. The goal of passive income is to be able to make your money work hard for you instead of you working hard for them. A passive income therefore means that you do not have to actively do anything to make money during the process. However, it may require time, jobs, or capital in the beginning.

I have listed below 65 different tips that may give you some ideas to get started with your money machine in the form of passive income.

1) Lending and making money online via P2P players

In addition to the equity portfolios and trading, you can start to save money in various savings accounts. One of these is called peer-to-peer (P2P). It is an industry that is growing fast now.

This is a great passive income as it does not require a lot of work for you. You simply lend money and then see when you get them back with interest.

2) Savings account with interest

Most banks offer you a savings account with interest, but this interest rate is so low that it hardly counts. It is therefore much smarter to turn to other players who actually offer good interest rates on their accounts. The perfect thing about this is that you only need to deposit money into the savings account, more than that you do not need to do. The interest rate does the rest for you.

3) Investing in shares

This can be more difficult than the other tips we have here. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult if you follow the advice. You can make money and even a lot of money with shares, and there is no limit to how much you can make.

4) Invest in mutual funds

If you think stocks are too difficult, mutual funds may be for you. With funds, you take a lesser risk because your money is spread over several different stocks and there is someone who manages the fund for you, someone who is good at what he or she does. Funds are therefore a really good alternative to shares that you should definitely consider. Less risk and you do not have to take care of it all yourself. Just check every now and then so your funds don’t go down. It is a perfect way to make money online.

5) Become a coach

This is another version of being a freelancer. You may have a lot of information about something. Then you can sell this information to people. Maybe you know how to lose weight. Then with a simple Skype call you can help your customer with this. This way, you never have to meet your customer in real life and can therefore do the job completely online.

6) Work online

There are plenty of companies that are willing to hire people who work from home which is exactly what you can do. You work just as usual, though you do it from your home rather than from an office. This is perfect because now you can work for companies that are not in the same city as you, you just need a computer and an internet connection and you will make money online.

7) Read the audio books

All those audio books that are available must have someone read. You can also do this and the only requirement is in principle that you can read. Then you just need to read these books aloud and there is a company that pays you for it. Otherwise you can also create your own audiobook which you then upload. People can then buy this home and you have a passive income.

8) Write an eBook

An eBook is a book that is not in physical form but is completely digital. Anyone who wants to read it simply downloads it to their device. What’s great about this is that you don’t have to spend money on printing an entire book. You just need to write it, and then you’re done. People will download it and you will get money. Simply a perfect system and you will make money online from home.

9) Sell your pictures

Are you good at taking pictures? Then you can post your pictures on internet sites. If people then want to use your photos pay them to download them. Once a photo is out there you can then make money online from home on it for all future so this is a good passive income.

10) Write reviews

It may seem a little strange, but there are actually companies that pay you to write reviews on different things. All you have to do is use a product or go to a place. The company then pays you to write a review about it and you will make extra money online.

11) Sell old stuff

Many of us probably have old things lying around in the house, but why do we have them left? Instead, it’s a much better idea to sell your stuff on sites like trades or the block. You get more room for something else and you make some money on the purchase.

12) Rent your car or other vehicle

If you have a car or boat that you do not use very often, it may be a smart idea to simply rent it out. This you can make money online at, just make sure the person you hire can drive. Also, make sure you have a good insurance policy for safety.

13) Rent out your summer cottage

Do you have a summer cottage? Then you can make a lot of money online by renting it out. There are several people who want to go away on their vacation and your holiday home could be the perfect destination and you will make extra money online.

14) Create a business

If you want to sell physical products, you can use Shopify. It allows you to create a store online where you then sell things. People pay and you send the product away by mail. Everything can be handled entirely online. You can buy products cheaply from manufacturers & suppliers and then sell them dearly on your site.

15) Become a YouTuber

To succeed on YouTube is not easy but if you succeed you can make big money. You just need to upload videos. When people watch your videos, you get money if you have commercials in the video. In addition, you can advertise products that you then sell to increase your income and you will make money online.

16) Start a podcast

This is almost the same as YouTube but you drop the video and concentrate only on audio. Instead, you just record your voice. If people like what you say and find it interesting, more will come and your channel will grow. You can then start making extra money by selling things, for example.

17) Testing websites

You probably know what makes a website great. You can then use this because many companies are paying you to test websites. You just need to test them and write down things like your thoughts and opinions. This you can actually make money online at and that is quite large sums.

18) Rent a room or apartment

This is a great way to make extra money. Many have an extra room in the home that they do not really use. You can rent this room to someone who needs a place to stay. If you live in a university town, you can actually make a real profit from this because all students need a home.

19) Crypto Currency

With the help of cryptocurrencies you can get really rich. For example, you can “mine” crypto currencies. This means that you use your computer to get hold of these currencies. Currencies like Bitcoin have also increased in value so with a little luck you can make money online and also a lot if you are good.

20) Marketing

Do you have some land or similar? If you let a company put up an ad there, they will pay you a certain amount each month to advertise on your land, you then make money from it. It is a passive income that will basically take care of yourself, you do not have to do much and you will earn extra money.

21) Credit Cards

This is more of a way to save money. With some credit cards you get so-called points when you buy things. These points can then be converted into things like air travel and hotel nights. You can therefore save large sums of money by shopping with your credit card.

22) Respond to surveys

There are many companies out there that are willing to pay you to respond to various surveys. You probably won’t earn very well, but it’s still an income. Just make sure you read through all the terms before you start, otherwise you may fall into the trap.

23) Investing in domains

A domain is an internet site. There are some domains that are more sought after than others. If you buy a domain today, a company may contact you the next day for them to want the domain. You can then sell it for more money than what you bought it for and thus make money online. The trick is just to know which domains will increase in price and which will not.

24) Starting an online business

This is probably one of the hardest suggestions to make, but if you succeed, it will be one of the ones that will work best. If you start an online business that actually goes around, you will be able to quit your regular job and just keep up with your business.

25) Planning trips

If you like to travel and are good at planning them and the like, there are many people willing to pay for your help. You can advise via the Internet to help with things like booking hotels and flights, as well as activities.

26) The support

This is perfect for those who know a lot about computers and the like. Simply let people call you with their problems. For a small amount of money, you then help them solve it all.

27) Working for Online Magazine

A perfect one for journalists who want to make money online. Online newspapers always need new news and the like that you can then write to them. Most of the work can be done entirely online, although sometimes you have to go out to look for news. Maybe you also need to do some interviews.

28) Sell ideas

Do you have ideas but nothing to make them a reality? You can then contact larger companies and ask them to implement your idea. Of course, you will need a contract so you are guaranteed a certain amount of money you earn on your idea. This can be done completely online. You don’t even have to leave the house.

29) Sell paintings

If you are an artist you can sell your paintings and artwork online. There is always someone who is willing to buy; you just have to find that person. Therefore, look for pages that specialize in what you want to sell. That’s because the customers at such sites are looking for exactly what you want to sell.

30) Buy a business

It is a pain to build your own online business and not many people actually can handle it. Therefore, you can now simply buy an established business that already makes money. That way you just have to develop it, not build it from the ground up which is usually the hardest part.

31) Start with Instagram

Instagram is a bit like YouTube, in order to make money online you first have to grow and get a big channel. Then you just need to upload pictures and collaborate with companies and you will make money online. You can also keep up with affiliate marketing through your Instagram account. An Instagram account can also be a passive income because you will always make extra money online for what you put up, no matter how long it takes.

32) Become a Consultant

There are many companies out there that are willing to pay large sums of money to get the help they need. That’s why they hire consultants to help them with these things. If you become a consultant you will in many cases be able to work completely online and still get a nice salary. This is also something that is only becoming more and more common as more companies are open to this type of employment.

33) Sell Instagram account

If you are good at growing Instagram accounts and growing relatively large, you can make money online at this. There are many who want to buy an Instagram account with a few thousand followers, you can create such accounts, you can make a lot of money. However, you must have a fairly large account. No one wants to buy one that has only a few followers.

34) Write a guide

Don’t confuse this with an eBook, a guide is not quite the same. You simply want to guide people to your hometown. Of course, the guide can be about what you want; maybe you want to tell people how they can make money online. Then you can sell your guide or other things in the guide yourself and make extra money online on the whole.

35) Build websites and sell

The amount of companies today that want websites is huge, but the amount of companies that have websites is not as great. Many simply do not know how to create a website, so if you know how to do, you can help them. Then, you can obviously take well paid for it all, and you will make money online.

36) Promote companies

If you are good at things like advertising and the like, you can help companies advertise themselves. You can put together an advertising campaign that you then sell to companies. You make money online and they get a great way to advertise. You will both win the whole thing.

37) Shot their social media

Social media is something that is constantly growing in our culture. The importance of appearing on social media is constantly increasing and many companies are now ready to hire someone who takes care of their social media. This person can be you. You then work on responding to comments and maybe post some posts.

38) Build computer programs

Are you good at programming? Then you can build a computer program that you then sell to people and companies who use it. If you succeed in building something that is useful, can you make money online on the whole and maybe this will lead you to starting your own online business?

39) Build a computer game

There is no limit to how much money a computer game can make, just look at minecraft. Therefore, if you succeed in building a really good game, you can make money online. You may not succeed on the first try but if you just do not give up you will probably sooner or later succeed in making money online.

40) Editing Images

If you think you are good at using programs like Photoshop, you can make extra money online by editing photos for people. There are many people who would need to get photos edited but who don’t really know how to do it. This is where you get into the picture by helping them with it all. The best part is that the work can be done entirely online.

41) Start blogging

Creating a blog is a much underrated way to make extra money online. If you only manage to grow and grow your blog, there are actually large amounts of money to be made in this area. For example, you can sell your own products or guide people to other websites where you get a share of everything they buy.

42) Create a video that can go viral

Viral videos are something that can generate a lot of money as passive income, it just has to do it right. You need to create a video that is about something that you think can attract viewers. One tip is to check out YouTube or Facebook to compare which videos are trending and how many viewers they have. Videos that are fun, catch up on news, or give people the chance to discover something new make people want to click on your video. Don’t forget to spend some time on your video to see that it is quality and good material. After the video is complete, you wait for clicks and impressions that generate passive income through advertising from AdSense.

43) Create a media library for others to borrow

If you have some talent and time, you can create music videos, film and take photos and then let others borrow your material for a small sum.

44) Rent expensive equipment at home

Do you have something unique or expensive at home that you do not always use? Skiing, a piano, or a professional camera? Maybe you can rent these out to friends and acquaintances for a fee when they need to be a part of your money machine construction.

45) Place vending machines

Candy machine, fruit machine, juice machine, you name it! Try to find a strategic place where your vending machine can be placed and where you know many people pass by daily. Around a bus station, construction site or near a bathing place maybe?

46) Create a niche website

Attracting people to websites is about offering something they can’t find anywhere else. It can also be something that can be difficult to find on your own. Create a niche website that gathers information, products, or services in one place in an easily accessible and user-friendly way. Simply do it better than your competitors!

47) Create your own product

If you have capital, you can invest in creating and manufacturing your own product that you think can sell well. You will need to spend a lot of time and energy in the beginning but if you believe in your product then this could be something that will change your life.

48) Print logos and text on T-shirts, cups and fabric bags

This is a business that requires very little knowledge and skill. Buy a layer of white T-shirts, cups and cloth bags or any other product you think is common for merchandise and learn how to print logos on them. Sell ​​via contact networks, platforms, or your own website. Offer extra service or quality to compete with other companies that do the same.

49) Create experiences and fun

A small investment is required for this but definitely provides a steady low passive income. Begin by analyzing areas you know of as parks, shopping centers, or other places where lots of people and children gather. Then invest in building or buying some kind of experience like a climbing rack, trampoline, or bike rental.

50) Growing flowers and vegetables

You can get passive income by growing your own flowers and vegetables requires energy and time from the start, but those who already have cultivation and planting as a hobby should definitely take the opportunity to earn some extra money.

51) Start a small business and outsource your work

A larger investment may be required for this, but there is also greater opportunity for high profits. Start a small business or buy one that is being sold, such as a flower shop, bakery, or cafe. Hire a reliable person who can be responsible and who takes care of the business. From time to time you can check up on the business and make sure everything is going right.

52) Waste sort and create soil

Invest in a larger bowl or a real waste disposal station where you dump your leftovers and after a few weeks have land that can be sold cheaply to those in need in the garden or on the balcony.

53) Offer services through contacts

Do you have a friend who is good at fixing computers or baking? You can get passive income by offering their services to other acquaintances or at your workplace. Try to persuade the boss to order some cakes from the buddy before the next birthday party at the office. Of course, you take something extra for the service.

54) Rent larger machines

Invest in machines that you know different businesses need from time to time such as large refrigerators and freezers for the summer season, heavy tools for construction sites, or skin and hair care machines for salons.

55) DIY hobbies

If you are already engaged in a hobby where you make DIY (Do It Yourself) products, why not profit from it too? If you are painting, knitting or baking, for example, create your own website or blog and host it.

56) Payment Applications

There are many mobile applications or add-ons that generate a small amount of money for every search you do. You do not need to do any extra work but let the applications work in the background and you can get passive income.

57) Install solar panels

If you invest a little, you can get a lot back. By installing solar panels on the roof or in the garden you can collect solar energy that is converted into electricity and in many countries today you can get money back from the electricity plant for the electricity you contribute. Extremely good if you live in a very sunny area! A passive income generated together with nature.

58) Find names and receipts for companies

An easy and creative task is to help companies come up with their names or motto. If you come up with something really good, you can earn a lot! Maybe not a real passive income but not so much physical work involved.

59) Rent the garden

Do you have a large and nice garden? You can then get a good passive income if you rent it out for a party or event to your friends and then let the rumor spread to other potential customers.

60) Rent out furniture

If you are one that has a lot of extra furniture needed for parties and dinners such as chairs and tables, you can rent these out to someone in desperate need at the last minute. Start by offering them to your friends and then hope that more and more people will be interested.

61) Invest in real estate or land

If there is an opportunity to save a lot of money for later investing in real estate or land then this could be something that generates a really good passive income later. What is needed is primarily a sum of money and information about which area is worth investing in. After you have done your research you can buy a property or land and then rent it out. In the meantime, you go plus while the property increases in value.

62) Manage smaller deliveries

Here is a passive income that fits if you drive a lot of car everyday and every day to and from the same place? Then you can take the opportunity to pick up or deliver supplies that others in your area need. Allow them to load and retrieve from the car themselves as you continue to drive as usual. You can make a schedule so that it becomes clear when and where you are driving.

63) Buy in bulk and resell

This passive income requires some investment in the beginning but this can then roll on smoothly. Find products that are very cheap in large quantities but can be sold at a high price individually, such as mobile covers and plastic covers for the mobile screen. Then buy in bulk and resell through a website that basically takes care of itself. The only thing you need is to take care of the stock and packaging and once it gets started you can hire someone for it.

64) Become a silent partner

Read about different trends and new products and find a business where you can become a quiet partner and investor.

65) Put together campaigns

Social media can make you money online by putting together campaigns for companies that they launch on their social media. If you can be sure to attract a lot of customers to the company’s website and accounts, they will definitely appreciate you and hire you again when they need help with a promotion. You don’t take care of their social media; you just give tips on good campaigns when they need it.

Hopefully you have now got some inspiration for doing something yourself. Just remember this: if you really want something, you can do it. Nothing is impossible.

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