50 crafts to create and earn money easily

One of the best ways that women can earn money from home is by creating different crafts and selling them online. If you’re really good at sewing or a super creative person, this side hustle is great for making extra money each month.

In this post, I will share some of the best crafts to sell to make money from home. I will go into detail and share the most profitable crafts to sell.

Why selling crafts is a great money-making idea

If you are looking to work from home, a great idea is to sell crafts to make money online. Currently one of my friends creates t-shirts and sells them online and makes huge profits. It is one of the best ways to earn money from home. If you like DIY projects, then selling different crafts may be the perfect online business or hustle for you.

Can You Make Money Selling Crafts?

Absolutely! One of the best ways to make money from home is by creating crafts and selling them online at places like Shopify and Etsy. I know many women and men who make living just selling handicrafts.

What are the crafts that make the most money?

This post will cover some of the best crafts to create to make the most money, but some are quick kids’ headbands, magnets, coasters, jewelry, and pillows.

Based on my research online, there are many different ways that a person can create crafts and sell them for profit. One of the best ways mothers can stay home with their children is by setting up an online store to sell crafts.

Let’s dive into some of the best, most profitable crafts to make money.

The best crafts that make money

# Head Wraps

One of the best ways to earn extra money is by creating head wraps. My friend created an entire head wrap business and made a lot of sales each month at her store.

# T-shirts

Another great way to make money from home with crafts is by selling T-shirts. You can set up a t-shirt store online at places like Shopify, RedBubble, TeeSpring and Etsy or set up a store directly on your actual website.

# Purses and bags

Another amazing way to make money from crafting is by creating and designing wallets. On the Etsy website, I found many wonderful bags designed by different artists. So if you can sew and love creating different bag designs, you can make a living.

# Homemade quilts

Something that people will always need is bedding. With that in mind, another great craft to sell for profit is handmade quilts.

# Bracelets

If you love bracelets, so this craft that you can sell is one of my favorites.

# Candles

Candles are in season and one of the best profitable crafts to sell to make money.

# Cups

Are you a fan of mugs? I know who I am! That’s why creating mugs and selling them online is another great trade to sell for profit.

# Wedding signs

Wedding posters are fun to create. When I was engaged I searched the internet for everything, including wooden cards and gift signs. If you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to start.

# Scarves

Who doesn’t need tissues? That’s why creating scarves is a great way to make money online with crafts. For scarves, you can knit or sew them.

# Customize names Onesies

How cute are baby onesies? This is a great craft that you sell for profit.

# Earrings

Love earrings? There are many different ways to style them which is a huge plus.

# Headbands

If you love creating hair accessories, this craft could be a great choice for you.

# Hats and caps

People love wearing hats when they don’t feel like combing their hair. Can anyone else relate? That is why this art is one of the best to create and sell for profit. Women are always looking for ways to spice up their style.

# Baby Bows

Baby Bows are the cutest thing there is. One of the best crafts you can sell online is bows.

# Door hangers

I love seeing the different hangers in my city. This is a perfect craft to sell in an Etsy shop and earn money every month.

# Stuffed animals

A great side hustle to try and create is stuffed toys.

# Decorative pillows

I am a pillow lover so I am always looking for new pillows every year.

# Wall decoration

Another amazing craft that you can create in your home is wall decoration. With the right equipment, you can create a different type of wall decoration that people would love.

# Ornaments

Selling ornaments over the holidays is always a huge hit, making this craft a win.

# Rings

Another great craft to create and sell for profit is rings.

# Name signs

Not only are name signs amazing to put in rooms in your home, but they are also a great craft to create and sell online.

# Pots

The pots are so cute and a great craft to create and sell for profit. This is a great craft for all plant lovers.

# Wall Letters

Creating wall letters is a great way to make money with an Etsy shop.

# Mason Jar Crafts

With mason jar crafts there is plenty of room for creativity in creating different types of mason jars.

# Bath bombs

Another big hit to sell online for profit is bath bombs. Bath bombs are an amazing gift for yourself and others.

Here are some additional crafts you can sell for a profit

  • Face masks
  • Frames
  • Key chains
  • Cake toppers
  • Custom name banner
  • Wedding bags
  • Paintings
  • Gloves and mittens
  • Welcome Mats
  • Christmas wreaths
  • DIY rope bowls
  • Coasters
  • Leather Pencil Cups
  • Fun glitter wine glasses
  • Yarn Ball Markers
  • Tassels
  • Family wooden signs
  • Jar candles
  • DIY makeup bags
  • Handbag
  • Flower crown
  • Dog collars
  • Magnets
  • Handmade Soaps
  • Glasses case

Where can a person sell their crafts online?

A blog: One of the best ways to sell and promote crafts is by starting a blog. When you sign up and blog, you can get the WooCommerce plugin and put your crafts on your blog for people to buy.

How to achieve this: If you are looking to start a blog, I have a tutorial here on my site that explains the necessary steps. Click here to view the publication.

After creating your blog, click here for posts on turning your blog into an online business to help promote your artisan products.

Etsy shop: Another great way to promote your crafts is by starting an Etsy shop. Etsy is an online platform where people can come together to create and sell crafts and other items.

Shopify Shop: Shopify is another online platform where you can sell your crafts and make money. It is one of the best websites that is already set up for sale.

How to promote your crafts online

  • Social media platforms

One of the best ways to promote your crafts online is by promoting your social media accounts. Platforms like Instagram can help put your crafts and products in front of thousands of people on a daily basis.

If you have a blog, I recommend starting an email list if you haven’t already. Your email list will be a list of your loyal readers who are most likely to buy products from you.

Final thoughts

So there you have a number of crafts that you can create and sell for profit. As always, be sure to include a privacy and disclosure policy on your website so readers know that you are selling products for profit.

Get, Set, And Create.

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