5 Profitable Evergreen Blog Niches

Below is a list of the most profitable evergreen blogging niches.

The most difficult choice when starting a blog is choosing a niche. After all, it limits what you can and cannot write on your blog.

However, this is not the only problem. Some niches are better than others.

Finding a niche that is profitable and can last a long time can be difficult.

In this article, I short list the best ever money making blogging niches for bloggers.

How to find a blogging niche

Instead of blogging about the Paleo Diet or Keto Diet, it might be wiser to blog about the “simple” diet in general. Instead of talking about one brand of golf club, it’s better to talk about “just” golf. These are evergreen niches that are never out of fashion and are always ready for people to buy what you sell.

Now some evergreen blogging niches are better than others. They pay more than others. They find and need more people than others.

This article walks you through the long-tested evergreen blogging niche to choose from.


Do you remember 2015? At that time, hoverboards were a popular technology gadget. Not so popular today.

Diet can get out of style, but lose weight never. People can overcome their hardships, but there will always be people who want to lose weight.

For example, if you spend $5,000 to write content on the subject of the Paleo diet, and the diet fails, then you lose traffic and all the content you create is wasted.

No, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t post a blog about a trend or fade, but if your blog relies on a trend or fade, you lose your audience if the trend disappears.



The health niche is one of the biggest niches on the internet. Whether there is a mole on your hand, whether to lose weight or gain muscle, our personal health is that we all spend a lot of time and money.

Health-related niche blogs are usually aimed at pain such as losing weight or gaining muscle or eliminating addiction. Health niches are large markets that literally contain thousands of smaller niches.

When going with a health niche, you can choose to target all your health audience or you can choose a diet niche and only talk about diets. It’s a blog that talks about all types of diet, including fasting, keto, paleo, and more. If one of these diets is out of fashion, you won’t make a dime from the blog.

Here are some examples of sub niches you can choose from in the diet niche.

> Diet and weight loss

> Muscle gain

> Supplements

> Habit

Why is this niche evergreen?

People will always want to lose weight or gain weight, or they want a quick solution to the disease. Even if a specific diet disappears, there will be millions of people who want to lose weight. Even if certain skin care trends are out of fashion, people will still want advice on skin care.


As long as you don’t live in a tribe, you need money for your daily expenses. But that is not enough for most of us. We all want to build wealth so we can do whatever we want whenever we want.

Then, the wealth niche is one of the most popular ones in the Internet. Whether you’re growing a multimillion dollar business or starting your first business with $100, this niche is in its current position.

Unlike health niches, it is generally better to reduce the niche as much as possible in the secondary niche. The reason is that there are many scammers on the internet to buy people who promise quick money. To build prospects in the secondary niche, you need to create a slightly different niche.

Here is an example of a sub-niche to choose from in the wealth niche.

> Personal finance

> Make money online

> Passive online income

> Start blogging

> Building an affiliate site

> Real Estate Purchase/Lease

> Start-up fundraising

Why is this niche evergreen?

People will always want to make more money. There are already many people. The largest players in this market are mostly copywriters who are good at selling. These people know that this niche is the biggest moneymaker. Competition in this niche is just a sign of profitability.


And, dating niches have been around for a very long time. Bloggers in this niche market make money in a variety of ways. From providing love advice to writing reviews on hook-up websites, there’s something for everyone in this niche.

If you’re thinking of jumping into this niche, demographics are a good choice. For example, write dating advice for women. The reason is that people need to build trust in this market to revisit your site (even if it’s based on demographics) and get a bigger advantage over others through the niche.

Here is an example of a sub-niche to choose from in a dating niche.

> Dating advice for men

> Dating advice for women

> Online dating tips

> Online dating site reviews

Why is this niche evergreen?

Dating is always going to be everyone’s interest. When you write a review for a dating service, you’re not running out of content because there’s always new content with new features. And with dating advice, there will always be thousands of people in need of it.


Growth is an essential driving force for all human beings. We all want to grow and improve life. Whether you are looking to overcome fear, lifestyle issues or increased productivity, there are bloggers who can help you better deal with personal issues.

Best of all, you don’t have to be an expert on what you’re talking about. It should be enough to teach others.

In this niche, there are bloggers who simply share what they have learned with their audience. This can be anything from building confidence to spirituality.

Why is this niche evergreen?

Self-improvement deals with self-improvement and growing as a driving force for all of us. There are thousands of blogs in the self-help niche, and there are millions of people who regularly read them.


Even if you aren’t great, you’ll probably encounter niche websites on occasion. This niche blog makes money by writing reviews on technology products like mobile phones and laptops.

And, the technology niche is crowded, but it is too deep. There are many sub niches to choose from. From writing about security to writing the best laptop reviews, there are literally thousands of sub niches.

If you don’t want to review products like smart phones and laptops, you can write about everything related to technology.

Here are some sub niches to choose from in the tech niche.

> Laptop reviews

> Smartphone reviews

> Wearable gadget reviews

> Web hosting review

> Android app reviews

> Programming

> DIY technology

Why is this niche evergreen?

There are thousands of technical products in the market and new products are released every day. If you decide to write reviews only for your smart phone, you will be surprised at how many new smart phones are released each month. As new technologies appear each year, there are thousands of topics you can choose from.


It is important to choose a good niche. It can either succeed or fail.

Most people come to niche and blog in mind. If you’re not one of them, choosing a niche from the evergreen niche list can help you quickly track your way to success.

Even if you choose a niche from the list above, it is better to try a bit different niche. It will help you separate yourself from others and easily find your audience.

No matter which niche you choose throughout the day, the most important thing is to get started.

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