40 Easy Ways to Make Money – Without Working

It is never wrong to make extra money – especially not if they are easily earned.

Here are tips and advice on how you can earn more with simple means.

  1. Participate in paid surveys

There are lots of companies that want to know what consumers think and think. There are those who replace the participants – register on the research companies’ websites, and offers will come.

  1. Rent out your accommodation

With services like Airbnb, you can rent your accommodation all year round. Summer is a great time to rent and make money when you go away on vacation. If you live in a place where holidaymakers like to travel, you can earn extra money.

  1. Sell items on flea ice cream

Flea markets are extremely popular. Why not do something where you get to meet people, sell things and make money!

  1. Make a guide on YouTube

If you are an expert in something – do a guide and video series. Even though the earnings decreased, you can make money!

  1. Sell photos online

You do not need to be a professional photographer to upload your pictures on image archives such as Shutterstock and iStock. When someone downloads your photos you get paid!

  1. Learn to invest right

There are countless guides on how to invest and grow the money. Read about index funds, move your savings to niche bank and you will not only make short-term, but also long-term money.

  1. Sell services

Everyone has something they are good at, sometimes it is abilities that are more unusual, sometimes they are more common. Whether its homework help, sitting babysitting, mowing grass, washing windows or programming, ask around or post an ad on social media with information about your services.

  1. Mystery shopper

A good way to withdraw money is to work for Mystery shopper. The job is to rate and assess various stores and restaurants based on given criteria, for example, you can go to a restaurant to assess services there.

  1. Sell clothes and gadgets online

We probably have quite a few people who have clothes, shoes and gadgets lying in both basements and storage rooms. Things that have not been used for years but are not particularly worn or broken. Why not do a lot of cleaning and put things up for sale online?

In many cities it is also possible to rent a table or two at different flea markets where you can then sell them as second hand.

  1. Review apps, websites and participate in paid surveys

Many web developers welcome feedback on their websites before launching. It goes relatively quickly and usually you get a number of points to check which makes it even easier. When you have gone through all the points, you write a statement, or a review, and get paid on the purchase. A way to earn an extra slant, which certainly requires a lot of work, but which is also fun and educational.

  1. Create an app

This requires a lot of knowledge and time, but once you’ve created your app, you don’t have to do much more than maintain it. Start by scanning your needs and interests and shaping the app accordingly – the more people download your app, the more money you earn. You can also sell your app on Flippa, an app entrepreneur’s marketplace.

  1. Rent out part of the home

Do you have a room above the garage or in the basement that you do not use? Are you often traveling to work and need someone who looks after the home in the meantime? There are all possibilities to rent out all or part of the property during different periods, both for companies and for private individuals. Just don’t forget to check references and does a credit check first.

  1. Create an online course

The web is riddled with pages that buy online courses and yours’ can become one of them. This also requires some prior knowledge and time, once the course is created, it is just to sit back and start enjoying a stable side income. Note it is a great advantage if you have a special interest that you can build your course around, so as to increase the credibility of the service.

  1. Sell pictures online

Do you have a genuine photo interest and are good at taking pictures? Then there are opportunities to sell pictures online. There are many websites that collect all kinds of images that people have to pay a fee to download and use in different contexts. Check out what kind of images are most in demand to increase the chances of selling your particular images further.

  1. Be a dog guard

Is it that the neighbor or colleague is going away and needs someone who can look after the dog? Maybe there is someone nearby who needs a dog guard a couple of afternoons a week? This can be both a fun and useful way to earn extra money, especially if you study or work part time. You both get exercise, company and extra clinking at checkout!

  1. Baby Sitting

Just as with dogs, children need to be looked after, not least when the parents are going to a party or traveling away. Offer your baby-sitting service only for an hour or two, it will be guaranteed to be many more hours ahead. You can also sleep over, that’s a big plus at the edge, but remember to pay a little extra in that case!

  1. Sell gift items online

There are several commercial sites that serve as a kind of marketplace for various companies that sell all the wonderful gadgets. If you have your own company, you can apply to become a seller and thus open an account in which you put out gift items for sale.

The application process may take some time and may put some demands on you as an entrepreneur, but once you are up and running, simply adding products awaits your first order.

  1. Write speech to others

Are you a fan of formulating yourself in writing? Then you can make money writing numbers that can be used for different purposes and contexts. Try to formulate the speech as general as possible and make it easy for the speaker to change the date, name, location and so on.

  1. Proofreading scripts, websites and blogs

If you are good at language and have a sense of detail, proofreading can be a great extra boost for you. There are books and movie scripts out there that need proofreading, as well as websites, blogs and so on. However, you first need to find out what is included in a proofreading and what is expected of you, because it can vary quite sharply.

There are also recommended prices for how much you can pay as a proofreader so you also need to have a little control. This is an extra job that certainly requires a certain amount of work, but can be both fun and stimulating for anyone who likes to read!

  1. Rent out the boat, summer house and / or caravan

Renting out a loved one may certainly feel both a hassle and a worry at first, but once you’ve done it a couple of times, you’ll probably notice it wasn’t that dangerous. The important thing is to look up the person (s) who wants to rent and have a dialogue before the rental.

Of course, the best thing is to meet to go through what applies, but if you do not, there may be the opportunity to call via Skype or at least we talk by phone. There are completed contracts online that can be printed and used. The more prepared you are, the easier the process will be.

  1. Conduct online surveys

You may already know that there are companies that pay people to conduct paid surveys online, but are you aware of how easy it actually is to participate? There are opportunities to do everything from one to dozens of surveys per week and to earn an extra penny each time. It can be a great deal a month there!

  1. Participate in research project

Many pharmaceutical companies carry out some form of research activity and thus they also need people who can set up and be test subjects. It may involve testing different types of medication, new treatment methods, participating in focus groups and questionnaires, and so on.

It rarely requires a lot of your time, which makes it a relatively easy way to make some extra money.

  1. Work as a freelance writer

Many entrepreneurs who spend far too much time on things they are not really good at, such as writing newsletters and blog posts for example. Working as a freelance writer is therefore a service that you can offer, especially if you are a good writer and have some extra time left. There is no big money to make but a side income that is not to be degraded. If you also like to write, there is nothing to stop you!

  1. Participate in writing competitions

Most major weekly magazines and book publishers have regular writing competitions that you can read about and sign up for online. This may not directly qualify for a passive income as the work effort is quite large, but it could generate a fairly substantial side income if you are really lucky. Especially if you are really good at writing and know what the reader wants. Many times you also get a ready-made theme that you should relate to, which can make it even easier for anyone who has difficulty getting started.

  1. Offer your services

Are you a fan of gardening, DIY or cooking and baking? Offer your services to loved ones for a certain amount of money. Who knows – you might start a catering company or become a full-time gardener if it turns out well! Perfect extras for anyone who wants to develop new sides of themselves.

  1. Load audio books

If you enjoy reading and have a pleasant voice to listen to, you can report your interest in reading audio books and the like. There are companies that hire people to do various voice-overs as it is called, including reading books, magazines, advertising posts, etc. However, the competition is great and it requires, among other things, that you have the right equipment to record your own voice samples.

  1. Start a Blog

We all know how many blogs are out there and it can certainly feel pretty hopeless to reach out in the constant media noise. Therefore, it is important to blog about things that really matter and that many can relate to, not least to you. Maybe you have a special interest or specific competence that you can share so that others feel they have the benefit of your blog.

However, to make money on the blog, you need more than just followers; you need so-called affiliates and other partners. Also remember that it takes time to build up a readership, so equip yourself with a lot of patience and make sure to keep the blog alive.

  1. Work on social media

Do you have a good look at what sells on social media? Then you can offer your social media skills to individuals and companies for social media management. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to appear on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and the like, but few have time to take care of their accounts. You can do that to them!

  1. Get paid for clicks

In fact, there are companies that pay people to click on specific websites. Generally, it takes quite a bit of work, but you usually need access to a couple of different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile phone).

You will probably need to record the location of the site at the time of search, but that is basically all you need to do to make some extra money each month.

  1. Sell your artwork

If you are artistically laid and can paint, sculpt, knit or sew! You can try to sell your artwork both online and in various markets and craft fairs.

Maybe not directly a passive income in the sense that it takes quite a lot of work, but a side income that can be quite large if you spend some time and energy to get it started.

  1. Write short stories

There are a number of so-called women’s magazines that receive short stories from both well-known and unknown authors.

Of course, there are no guarantees that they will be published, but if they do, you can make a pretty good profit on them. First, check out the rules for how long short stories they want and if there are other wishes.

  1. Work as a homework helper

Register with one of the homework help companies that mediate homework reading in your own or a nearby municipality. It is usually possible to do the job both online and in the local or at home with the students. This requires some work on your part but is a rewarding way to make some extra money.

  1. Invest in shares

Get the help of experts and read carefully before investing money in stocks. And give it time – it takes patience to get stocks to grow and return in time.

  1. Trade in currencies

Buying and selling currencies can be risky, but if you read properly, you can make a good profit on currency trading. There are both instructional films to watch and books to read, which is highly recommended.

  1. Invest in crypto currencies

Trading with Bitcoin, for example, has become very popular but requires a lot of preparation and knowledge of how it all works. Take it seriously and get help from someone familiar with the process.

  1. Rent out machines, tools and garden furniture

If you are a person who has the entire storehouse full of machines or tools of various kinds, you can certainly make a profit by renting them out. Check with neighbors, tenant associations, colleagues and so on you will get guaranteed pacifier somewhere.

  1. Invest in one or more properties

Obviously, investing in a property requires that there is already a certain amount of money to spend. However, you are faced with an almost guaranteed profit and a stable passive monthly income. Just remember to explore the terrain properly first, so you know which areas and properties are interesting before you hit.

  1. Make jewelry or other crafts

You can turn a hobby into income. Set up a site and promote your stuff. Or sell them via Etsy, Fiverr or similar sites that allow you to work from home.

  1. Sell cookies

It may sound trite but can be a great business if you are really good. Some specialize in cakes with design and deliver to parties, birthdays and weddings. The better you are, the more you can earn. But even more normal baking can grow for themselves, many people would like to have homemade but do not have time themselves.

  1. Write songs or lyrics to order

People like to have original songs for their wedding or other events. Or they have the music but are not so good at expressing themselves in words. You can also promote your own music or songs, it’s easy to burn a CD or transfer files.

Good luck in finding a side income that works for you!

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