25 Beginner Transcription Jobs

Most of the transcription jobs that you will find online are considered “general transcription jobs” and include writing audio recordings such as lectures, speeches, interviews, podcasts, videos, webinars, and so on.

Fortunately, these types of jobs generally don’t require specific training or certification, making them great for beginners.

Take a look at these 25 places you can search for work-at-home transcription jobs:


With Rev.com, candidates are not required to demonstrate prior experience or qualifications. Instead, they are asked to participate in a grammar test and a sample of the transcript.

Go transcript

Go Transcript seeks candidates with strong English skills, no experience is needed.

You are given 10 hours to complete 10 minutes of audio or video file.

Transcribers can earn around $ 150 per month.

Net transcripts

Net Transcripts hires transcriptionists for insurance, legal and police transcripts. They look for previous experience and require that you can write 75 WPM and have a pedal.

Pioneering transcription services

Pioneer Transcription Services requires foot pedal and transcription software. You can apply through an online application for general or legal transcription positions.


Scribie is open to applications from transcriptionists with beginner skills, but you must be able to understand British, American, Australian and Indian accents (but jobs are in English).


CrowdSurf is a kind of online marketplace for transcriptionists.

Signing up is free and you get paid instantly for your work. They do not require any special equipment experience.

Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing marketplace that connects workers with businesses.

There you will find transcription / HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks) jobs.


CastingWords is another type of job market for transcription jobs. They act as intermediaries between clients and transcriptionists. They pay between 8.5 cents to a dollar per minute of audio.

Daily transcript

The Daily Transcript offers same day response times on transcripts for the corporate, legal and entertainment industries.

They look for punctual and detailed people of all skill levels.

They can’t guarantee a specific amount of work, but their best transcriber makes between $250 and $950 per week.

GMR transcript

GMR Transcription is always looking for transcriptionists, especially those who can dedicate an hour a day to transcription.

They require you to take a test, but don’t expect prior experience.


No experience is required to work with BabbleType, a transcription company that deals with market research projects.

Applying is as simple as watching a video and taking a transcription test.


Aberdeen Broadcast Services hires transcriptionists and subtitlers who are computer literate and research on the Internet and can type 45 words per minute.

Pay starts at around $12 to $15 per hour.


Speakwrite is looking for American or Canadian transcriptionists who are fluent in English and can write a minimum of 60 words per minute.

For general transcriptionist positions, they prefer at least one year of experience, five years for legal positions.

They also require you to have a pedal.

Tiger fish

Tigerfish offers a variety of transcription jobs, from interviews to law enforcement to documentaries.

There is a testing process that you will need to go through when you apply.


Ubiqus is a US based person seeking Transcription Company with 1-5 years of experience. However, if you don’t have any transcription experience, they will consider other relevant experience.


SpeechPad is an excellent transcription work platform for beginners. There are no minimum hours required and they pay between $0.25 and $2.50 per minute of audio/video.

Divas Transcript

Divas transcripts do not require experience – you just need to show that you can meet their acceptable standards. The average salary is around $16 per hour.

Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink is always open to hiring new transcriptionists. Simply submit your resume and cover letter for consideration. From there, you may be asked to pass a test to get started.

Outsourcing of transcription

At Transcription Outsourcing, you will find listings for various transcription jobs, including general transcription jobs, as well as legal, financial, and medical jobs.

Averbach transcript

The Averbach transcript doesn’t look for much when it comes to skills and experience – they just require that you be proficient in English, have an eye for detail, and a good ear.

They offer $1.00 per minute of audio and $1.50 per minute of audio for same-day or overnight orders.


After completing a form and taking a test, TranscribeMe will allow you to access transcription job postings. Transcribers are paid by the hour on a weekly basis.


One of the largest legal transcription companies in the country, eScribers is a US-based transcription service that requires no prior experience.

They also look for proofreaders and stenographers.

3Play Media

3Play Media offers transcription job opportunities as well as editor positions. There are tests of skill and competence that you must pass.

The payment rate depends on individual projects.

I walk with words

Way With Words offers English transcription services to clients around the world and it really only requires that you be very proficient in English.

They hire freelance or full time and offer between $0.45- $1.73 per minute of audio.

Use job bags

If the push comes to an end, you can always search for transcription jobs on job boards like Flexjobs, Indeed, or Upwork.

While some of the job openings may be for one-time jobs, you never know where you might find a full-time client!

As I mentioned, transcription jobs are just one type of freelance online jobs.

Ready to start?

Transcription is a great way to earn extra money at home when you have free time.

The advantage is that if you are serious about it, you could earn some money transcribing from home!

While I love freelance writing and have built a sustainable business working from home for several years, I do know that there are other side gigs that make money.

These twenty-five places to find transcription jobs will help you get started on a surprising new hustle that, who knows, could end up being your true calling.

Your turn!

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