10 Blog Ideas You Can Create To Make Money

One of the most frequently asked questions asked by someone new to making money from blogging is what type of blog to create to make money. The simplest answer is “anyone” – if you want to make money from blogging, any topic could help you do that.

Returning to the subject of the 10 types of blogs you can create to make money online …… here is a list that I have compiled over time. I’ve seen ad earnings, sponsorships and buyer interests keep changing, but they generally tend to follow this pattern below.

  1. Blogs on Technology & Gadgets

Technology themes are extremely popular and there is a lot of interest among Internet users to read all about new technology and new gadgets.

  1. Celebrity news blogs

Celebrities are a big subject for the blog. Especially if you are writing about celebrities and their daily lives, you can gain a lot of fans on the internet.

  1. Fashion and Jewelry Blogs

Fashion blogs always find sponsors who pay a lot, especially from stylists and fashion shows. Fashion blogs also are a great way to sell fashion products to your readers.

  1. Blogs about jobs and job opportunities

Jobs are always in high demand. People with jobs also look for change. Blogs about job vacancies and job opportunities are very popular in all segments of internet users.

  1. Product and Service Comment Blogs

While more and more people are shopping on the internet, these buyers are also looking for good detailed reviews on what they are about to buy. Be it books or computers, good review sites are extremely popular and could make you a lot of money in a short amount of time.

  1. Series, Movies, Music and Entertainment Blogs

This theme has an international appeal and you can build your readership very quickly. Series, Movies, Music and Entertainment blogs are also suitable for commercial ads and always have high ad clicks and, consequently, high ad earnings.

  1. Blogs about Camera, Photography and Art

Photo blogs are extremely popular among internet users. And you can earn more by allowing people to download your photos and artwork. One of the best selling devices in the world is cameras – and photo blogs are great ways to sell photo accessories and make money from photo ads.

  1. Blogs about social life and Relationships

Blogs that write about life, love and relationships are extremely high earners of money on the internet. These blogs earn a lot of money from personal ad networks and large companies like Yahoo, Batchmates, colleagues, etc.

  1. Small Business & Personal Business Blogs

These blogs earn a lot of money from local companies. Blogs about real estate, car dealerships and similar local businesses are sponsors of blogs about small businesses and local businesses.

  1. Pets Blogs

People love animals and all other houses either have pets or have animal lovers. Blogs about pets, well written about pets, wellness, health, pet food and pet games, always make a lot of money from advertisers and sales of pet products

While there are blog subjects that attract more readers and more advertisers, making it easier to make money from blogging online and you can be successful with any subject.

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